Parineetii: Daljeet learns about Sanju, Neeti, and Parineet's situation

in the upcoming track of Parineetii, Daljeet will learn about Sanju, Neeti and Parineet's situation from Monty.

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"Colors' Parineeti" continues to captivate its audience with its intense drama, and the creators spare no effort to maintain the suspense and excitement with numerous twists and turns. The show has consistently held the audience's attention with a series of revelations, and the upcoming storyline promises a significant development. 

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In tonight’s episode, Daljeet overhears Sulochana and Neeti discussing Sanju's interest in Parineet, which concerns Neeti. Neeti feels relieved that Sanju is not aware of Gurpreet. Meanwhile, Chandrika hears Sulochana mentioning that Gurpreet's illness is beneficial for them.

In the upcoming episode of the show Daljeet learns about Sanju, Neeti, and Parineet's situation from Monty. Despite Sanju's apology, Neeti is angry and decides to sleep separately. Parineet suggests celebrating Taiji's birthday. On the other hand, Daljeet notices Neeti and Sanju sleeping apart, and Sanju discusses it with him.

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