Paresh Rawal defines beauty

In the launch of his new show on COLORS, Laagi Tujhse Lagan, Producer Paresh Rawal gives his definition of beauty…

Laagi Tujhse Lagan, the new show on COLORS produced by Paresh Rawal's Playtime Creations deals with the bias so prevalent in our country when it comes to skin color. So why is it that darker skin means not beautiful? We discussed this with Paresh Rawal…

Paresh says, "It is one of those sad but true facts that in our country the obsession with fair skin is not yet completely over. I'm hundred percent confident that after seeing Laagi Tujhse Lagan,  people will definitely change their thinking."

Paresh goes on to give his definition of beauty. According to me, "Beauty is a matter of soul. True beauty is from within and not on the outside. It is not something superficial. As far as the issue of dark skin goes, for me colored skin has depth. Our Gods Krishna and Shiv both are dark skinned. And there are very meaningful reasons behind it. That's the thing about dark skin!"

When questioned about the protagonist of the show Nakusha's true state of face Paresh says, "Yes it is truly ugly. No one has tried to make her that to hide her real face."

Paresh explains why in spite of being known for comedy he chose to produce such a grim show. "Every time only beautiful people are shown on celluloid. I thought let's see something real on it. With real faces, real situations, realistic drama with which an average person could connect to. What can be more real, than the adaptation of a real life story?"

Laagi Tujhse Lagan starts on 28th December at 9:30 pm on COLORS.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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rama_2010 9 years ago Good Job ... Mr. Rawal and LTL team. We like the LS and hope it remains a special LS in history of Indian Television n also hope it would be without the regular extra marital affair or triangular LS
Leandra 9 years ago wow u mad it man- u gave us such wonderful story.
chullbulli 10 years ago u r a big liar paresh rawal...if u wanted to show an ugly face why did u select mahi who is in fact pretty and then within a week her really fair and beautiful face ios revealed...liar liar liar..it is all about trps and we can't really trust anyone..huh
tinaasania 10 years ago Paresh Rawal says that only beautiful ppl are shown on celluloid, which is true. He's trying to make a difference. Let's give him a chance. Once it's aired, we will see how it is.
best_punz 10 years ago i dnt think skin color is such a big issue in big cities ...i myself m on d dark side but ive neva faced ne criticism from ne1 , its jus how u deal wid it!! be proud if it.
-Imu.M- 10 years ago I agree with -Saalekh-, If people had to change their perception, they have would have changed it after seeing Saath Phere and Bidaai!
desicrowd 10 years ago If this is a reality show then it is picked up from the show True beauty...
.shona. 10 years ago ppl will saii tht inner beauty means much more since it sounds gud eh? but in real they will also care bout only outer appearance....thts how the world goes...its pretty interesting or shud i say rather disgusting tht all the ppl's psychology works the same way...ppl judges other for ther outer appearance not what they r from inside...he says tht he bets everybody will change their perception after watching this show..but i say mark my words guys...NOBODY is going to change their perception about dark skin or even ugly ppl who r probably beautiful inside unless this show can do a miracle....nothings going to change trust me -_-

if tht was the case...did anybody change at all after watching saath phere or bidaai? the answer is NO. I saw my own relatives wanting only "fair" daughter-in-laws...they dnt even care if they r pretty or not or ugly inside...all they want is a "fair-complexioned" bahus...thts how low-minded sum of our countries r...i wnt say its only india...its other countries too...i know cuz i m not from india
anna44 10 years ago Why are indian folk so obsessed with fair skin..
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