Pankit creating awareness about Mercy Killing...

After capturing the hearts of his audience as Dr. Atul in Dill Mill Gayye, Pankit Thakkar is set to make it big in bollywood with his upcoming movie, 'Zindagi Live'..

Pankit Thakkar, the adorable Dr. Atul of Dill Mill Gayye, is all set to sizzle the 70 mm screen. The actor will be seen playing the lead role in the upcoming movie 'Zindagi Live'. The movie is based on mercy killing and revolves around a true incident that occurred in Orissa. Telly Buzz caught up with him to know more.

When asked the reason for accepting such a unique role, Pankit says, “I took up this role mainly because I found the script really interesting. I was touched after listening to the story. The movie is based on mercy killing, something that takes place on a large scale in our country.” He further adds, “I have always wanted to do something for the destitute and people suffering in . I think this movie is the one opportunity for me to create awareness in the country about the unheard topic of mercy killing.”

The movie also stars Milind Gunaji, who plays the character of the father suffering from an incurable disease with Anupama Verma and Ragini Khanna playing his daughters.

We sure hope Pankit manages to convey the message of the horrors of mercy killing thru’ his movie.

Reporter: Binita Ramchandani
Author: Melanie

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Milind Gunaji

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Anupama Verma

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Ragini Khanna

Comments (19)

o wow even ragini is also there...kul bt wat is mercy killing...i reallllllly dnno

14 years ago

ohhh wow im gonna surely watch the movie...!!!! whn is it realisin????

15 years ago

Hes really cute and funny! A good actor! Wish him all the best in Bollywood, in his offbeat movie. Mercy killing aka Euthanasia is an untouched topic in Indian movies so it will be unique Im sure, hope they handle the serious issue with care.

15 years ago

awww..hes such a sweet heart.....all the best to him!!!!

15 years ago

all d best 2 him. he is such a sweetheart.

15 years ago

that's really very thoughtful of him.....all the very best Pankit.

15 years ago

He's such an awesome human being n i am soo happy that he's doing something so meaningful...he'll rock man! lol looks like everyone's getting bored with dil mil gaye shilpa left karan's hosting a reality show n now pankit is doing a sab ke beech mein hum DMGians kya karenge when our fav show gets neglected? but anyways good luck pankit we r all happy n proud of u!

15 years ago

Best of luck Pankit!
We love you =)

15 years ago

woohooooo cant wait to see that :)
all hail atul!!!

15 years ago

oh gr8 pankit is terrific actor...he will do his best..all d best pankit...

15 years ago

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