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Pankaj Tripathi Speaks About Pros Of Social Media

Pankaj Tripathi says during the lockdown he realised the medium has its pros


Actor Pankaj Tripathi, who remained elusive on social media for the longest time, says during the lockdown he realised the medium has its pros, too.

"It's difficult to not get taken in by the hustle-bustle of social media. But during the lockdown, I realised it has its pros too. I was always wary that being too active on social media will occupy too much of my mind space and I will start focusing on things that don't add value to my craft as an actor," Pankaj said.

The actor, who has kickstarted a Facebook Live series where he narrates slice-of-life stories based on his experiences, says he has discovered the wonders of social media.

"After I started my series, I discovered the many wonders of social media. It's a library brimming with cinephiles just like myself. Interacting with them has been such pure joy because this is a one-on-one discussion about stories, movies and art," he said.

Pankaj has always believed that learning is boundless.

"Through technology I have realised how small the world is. I have discovered a brand new audience through my live sessions who are just like me, eager to learn. I have now come to realise, it's not at all bad. Talking to people from all walks of life has reiterated to me that art unites all. It makes me want to strive harder, explore my range to say different stories, which leave an impression on people," he added.


Pankaj Tripathi

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