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Pandya Store: Shiva and Raavi to get separated?

Raavi decides to leave Shiva and Pandya niwas, due to his trust issues.

Published: Friday,Nov 04, 2022 13:45 PM GMT-06:00
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PAndya Store

Pandya Store has made a place in everyone’s heart with its gripping storyline and intriguing twists. The show is giving good numbers for the channel. And the makers are trying their level best to keep the drama high in the show. The latest we hear is that we will see a major twist as Raavi decides to leave Shiva. 

As its already seen how Shweta tries to create riff between Raavi and Shiva. He even tries to create misunderstanding between the two which gets Raavi decides to leave Shiva and Pandya niwas, due to his trust issues.

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But the drama will not end there as the whole family will get shocked when Dhara will be asked to leave the house. After that Suman will allege her as the reason for breaking Shiva's marriage. 

In the upcoming episode, Shweta plays a trick to create differences between Dhara and Rishita. Just when Rishita comes to the kitchen entrance, Shweta takes the opportunity to make Rishita listen to things that will provoke her against Dhara. 

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Nutkhut-Baalak 2 months ago Guys keep watching Pandya Store : Monday to Saturday at 7:30 and 11 pm only on Star Plus ❤️❤️
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Butterflybot 2 months ago Please do not show any more Seperation..Shivi have together after facing 2 Seperation, there is absolutely no need to give a third..if the creatives can't find a good progressive storyline then they can copy the OG or even read the FFs written by fans. The EDUCATION TRACK was abruptly ended. Maybe they can restart that track.
We want to see Shiva completing his education with Raavi by his side, supporting him. We want to see Raavi continue being an influencer who helps promote small town businesses with Shiva supporting her. I think Arnav's role in the show which was to catch the hacker is done and I think he isn't needed anymore.
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spdp 2 months ago Not again.
Why always evil wins? This whole forced fight misunderstanding was out of character after their growth post Shiva’s death track.
They forcibly tried to promote Krish with criminal shweta, but no Agni pariksha for child abuser, theif, kidnapper criminal. She is not even questioned.
But Raavi faces all crap to tiniest of detail.
Creatives clearly playing biased game- out in open at Mondays holiday advantage trp cacaphony.
Give weird one line out of character dialogues to Raavi, give weird scenes, random monologues- show only fight- no conversations- no nothing.
Full compromised creative butchering this.
And then dump this - done 3 times before - separation.

Per PH- ShiVi are not leads- ph only nominates Gautam dhara for leads- then why they keep separating only ShiVi? Separate others.

Best is: separate ShiVi from this partial, toxic, selfish family. It’s high time-
ShiVi walking away together will get bumper TRP.
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mpks1 2 months ago It’s the same shit again and again. These bunch of writers of the show cannot show a proper husband and wife relationship and how are they even in this profession. It is not that the show is at the top of the charts like Anupama. Yet itna ghatiya writing? nothing to show for or be proud about. I think from the someone from the creative tram’s real life frustration is coming out and being translated in this show. Whatever happened to progress, transformation, conversation, understanding and trust? Horrible piece of writing. Hope TRPs dip further down because the audience and fans are fed up at this point to see the same thing again and again😡
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