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Pandya Store : Shiva and Aarushi’s romance leaves Raavi breathless

In the upcoming episodes of Pandya Store, Raavi will be seen ending up breathless upon seeing Shiva and Aarushi’s romance. A twist awaits.

Published: Thursday,Jun 08, 2023 12:51 PM GMT-06:00
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Heena Parmar and Kanwar Dhillon

Star Plus’s show Pandya Store has been keeping the audience hooked with its current track. The current track of the show revolves around Arushi’s revenge on Dhara and her deciding to get married to Shiva for the same. 

In the upcoming episodes of Pandya Store we will see Shiva and Aarushi share a brief romantic moment. In this moment, Aarushi and Shiva will be seen getting all romantic and cozy with one another post which the two of them will also dance with each other. This will be a romantic dance, where in both Shiva and Aarushi will be seen lost in each other.

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However, there is a twist in this situation. Well, this entire sequence is a dream sequence. Yes, you’ve heard that right. This scene will be a dream of Raavi, post which, Raavi will wake up sweating and gasping for breath. 

In the current track of the show, while Aarushi has been trying to teach Dhara a lesson and has decided to get married to Shiva for the same, Dhara too has decided to get Raavi and Shiva remarried in order to remind Shiva of his past. Well, who will win here is something that the audience too is looking forward to.

What do you think of the upcoming track of Pandya Store? Let us know in the comments below.

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Nikita Anya @barbieflora 6 months ago Do the makers not realize the kind of story they're showing is disgusting and cringy? I know marriage is a joke for ITV but this is going too far.
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Deb07 @Deb07 6 months ago When this sh*****************t will be shut down so that I can watch something new.
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mpks1 @mpks1 6 months ago Writers are fulfilling their own fantasy of Shiva- Arushi romantic scene but calling it Raavi’s dream because she is the easy scapegoat. With the way Suman, Shuva, Dhara, Gautam are treatung her these days, we all know how much Raavi means to the writers. Saaf saaf dhik raha hai inn writers ke ghatiyapan aur cheap thoughts😡 This is going to be shown clearly to irritate the fans. Such lowlives! 🙄
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manny136 @manny136 6 months ago As usual disgusting scenes by the creatives of the show for no reason just to rile up fans and the pathetic IF reporting as usual to get clicks. All around nasty people
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