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Pandya Store: Raavi's befitting reply to people who protest against her for staying at Pandya niwas

Here's what's in the store for the viewers of Star Plus show 'Pandya Store'.

Published: Saturday,Feb 26, 2022 06:40 AM GMT-07:00
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Star Plus show 'Pandya Store' is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Raavi announcing her love to Shiva publicly while he is adamant to not let Raavi return in his life. Rishita's boss Sagar is getting attracted to her while she feels he is an apt choice for Keerti. Krish and Keerti are dating but have kept it under the wraps.

In the upcoming episode, Shiva lashes out at Dhara and tells her that she got him married to Raavi forcefully but now if their relation is breaking, she shouldn't do the same thing all over again. He states that he wants to stay away from Raavi. Gautam hears it too but Dhara tells him that Shiva said all of that in anger.

Sagar drops Rishita home and she gives him a friendly hug. The ladies of the area start to make judgements and talk ill about Rishita and Raavi. Suman gives it back to the ladies and asks them to not gossip about her family.

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Dev and Rishita share a conversation wherein Dev agrees that he got a little jealous with Sagar. Rishita tells him that he don't need to. Rishita eats tamarind candy and Dev asks her if she is pregnant. Rishita denies.

Keerti calls Krish and asks him to join her for a picnic wherein he needs to pay rupees 1000. Krish thinks about the money and feels right to steal it rather than asking money from Dhara as she will ask many questions. Krish sneaks into Dhara's room and steal 1000 rupess. Later, Gautam and Dhara check the missing money and think that Shiva might have taken for shop expense. Dhara thinks that Shiva informs her always if he takes the money. She recalls Krish's changed behaviour and thinks that he might have taken it.

Furthermore, people protest against Raavi staying at Pandya niwas while she has divorced Shiva. Raavi states that she will either stay at Pandya niwas or will die. This shocks everyone.

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mpks1 4 months ago My heart goes out to Raavi. This family and Shiva doesn’t deserve her, pure soul. How much more humiliation does this girl have to put up with. Shiva says she is dhokebaaz, beimman, jhooti. Does he even know her? Is he going to take back all those words when she comes to know she is innocent. How is he going to make it up to her? I don’t even think he is ever going to apologize to her.
Raavi apologized, accepted her mistakes and it takes great courage to do it which neither Suman nor Shiva have it.
Can Raavi leave the house ASAP?
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