Pandya Store: Prerna is expecting Krrish's child, Pandya family stands shocked

In the upcoming episodes of Pandya Store, Prerna will be announced pregnant with Krrish's child.

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Star Plus's show Pandya Store has been keeping the audience hooked with its current track. The show has been on the top of the TRP charts for a long time now and manages to secure its spot in the Top 10 shows.

Well, India Forums informed you sometime back about Shivank being publically shamed by Dhara and the Pandya house for forcing himself on Prerna. And now, we are back with yet another shocking update from the sets of the show. A source from the sets of Pandya Store tells us that Prerna will faint in the Pandya house today post which she will be taken to the hospital by the Pandya family. However, the Pandya family stands totally unaware of what shock is in store for them at the hospital. The doctor will come out to inform them that the mother and the child are both safe. Upon listening to this, the family will be left stunned and will be seen wondering about how could Prerna get pregnant. 

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Meanwhile, Krrish will confront the family and will tell everyone that he is the father of Prerna's unborn child. This will leave the entire Pandya house even more shocked. While Shivank has been put behind bars, what twist awaits for Prerna and Krrish in the Pandya house is something that can garner the interest of the fans of Pandya Store

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