Pandya Store: Natasha's Pandya family-style plan comes to the rescue

In tonight's episode of Pandya Store, Natasha and the daughters-in-law try to resolve a labour dispute by serving spiked tea.

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Pandya Store

In tonight's episode of Pandya Store, Amba and her daughters-in-law rush to a construction site where Natasha tells them everyone is trapped inside a room, and labourers threaten to set fire to everything. This shocks them, and Amba wants to confront the labourers, but Natasha suggests a Pandya family-style plan to resolve the situation peacefully. She proposes making tea for everyone. Amba is sceptical, but Natasha asks for her trust. Natasha also instructs Hetal to prepare tea at the site and urges Dolly and Pranali to gather information about the labourers and contact their wives.

Amba questions Natasha's eagerness to make them drink tea, raising her voice. Hetal advises her to speak softly. Amresh hears Amba's voice, and the labourers leave to find her. Amba cries seeing her sons from outside the cabin, but Hetal comforts her and hides her from the labourers. The labourers burn paper inside the cabin, threatening to set the construction site on fire if their demands aren't met in 20 minutes. Amba insists on hearing Natasha's plan. Chiku, meanwhile, looks at family photos on the wall and recalls memories. Suman gives him 50,000 rupees to give to Natasha and entrusts him with a family photo to get the frame repaired. Saman wonders where Chiku is and is reminded of him by Chiku's actions.

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Natasha instructs Pranali to get some medicine that can upset people's stomachs and adds it to the tea they've made. Amba keeps questioning their actions, and Natasha tells Hetal they're helping the brothers with this plan. Natasha meets some labourers and tells them they've brought tea to support them and convince their husbands to accept their demands. The labourers agree and allow them into the cabin. The Makwana brothers are surprised to see their wives inside the office. Amresh angrily questions Hetal for interfering and demands that she leave immediately.

Natasha explains that they've brought tea for all the labourers who have been working since morning. Amresh accuses Hetal of aiding those who have captured him and tells her to go. The labourers suggest making the women captives, too. Natasha clarifies that they've come to support the labourers. After drinking the tea, all the labourers rush to the washroom as they fall sick. Natasha stops Amresh from running away and tries to prove their innocence. But he disagrees. Natasha prevents the Makwana brothers from leaving the office. Laborers' wives arrive at the site and inquire about their husbands falling ill. They get angry and start hitting Natasha with bricks, but she stands her ground confidently. The episode ends with Natasha trying to explain the situation to them.

Precap: In the precap of Pandya Store, Natasha discovers the actual model of the mall and confronts Dhawal.

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