Pandya Store: Natasha's dramatic rescue by Dhawal

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Natasha and Dolly bond over pizza, a snake enters their room, leading to a dramatic rescue by Dhawal.

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Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode begins with Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) hiding from Amba. She approaches Dolly and suggests they have pizza. Dolly warmly embraces her, and they both enjoy the pizza. Dolly apologizes for wrongly accusing Natasha and expresses gratitude for her kindness. Natasha forgives her, acknowledging that the rules trouble everyone and they should unite for change. Mittu and Shesh arrive to have breakfast. Shesh dislikes Aloo gobi curry, but Suman (Krutika Desai) insists he eats it. Mittu invites Chiku (Sahil Uppal) to join them, but Chiku declines, saying he will dine with his friends. Suman becomes concerned about Natasha not answering her calls.

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Amrish recalls the insult he endured due to Dolly while Chirag comes to sleep in his room. Amrish suggests that Chirag can go anywhere he wants, as the house is spacious. Suman is troubled by Chiku's distant behaviour and asks why he calls her "Koi nai." Chiku reminisces about a childhood moment, leaves a letter for Shweta, and leaves the house. Natasha becomes emotional and asks for Chiku. Suman scolds her for being overly attached to Chiku. Shesh intervenes, asking Suman not to rebuke Natasha. Suman clarifies that Chiku is not her brother, and Gautam and Dhara, who gave Natasha the Pandya store, are her real family. Chiku watches from the side and tears up. Suman reassures Natasha and says this is their family now, excluding Chiku. The flashback ends.

Chiku tells Suman not to stress, and Dhawal encourages her to eat. Natasha suggests they need to explain things to the elders. Suddenly, Dolly spots a snake entering the room and screams, "Snake." Natasha and Dolly jump onto the bed, but Natasha falls in front of the snake. Dolly cries out for help, and the commotion brings everyone to the room.

Natasha pleads with Dolly to assist her. Dolly is unsure of what to do. Dhawal arrives and inquires about the situation. Dolly is frantic, fearing that the snake might bite Natasha. Dhawal is shocked to see the snake and instructs Natasha not to move. The family arrives, and Hetal urges Amba to take action. Amba is worried that Suman will blame them if anything happens to Natasha. Amrish instructs Bhaven to call a snake charmer, and Amba tells Dhawal not to approach the snake.

Bhaven reports that the snake charmer isn't answering. Amrish urges Dolly to leave the room, and Amba comments that she didn't ask her to die. Amrish gets Dolly out of harm's way, and Dhawal takes charge. Dhawal requests a towel and pillow. Bhaven informs them that the snake charmer is unavailable. Amrish tells Dolly not to go inside the room, but Amba objects, claiming that her concern wasn't the only reason she asked her to stay out. Amrish gets Dolly outside while Dhawal tries to calm everyone and prepares to confront the snake. Dolly embraces Chirag. Dhawal tosses a pillow, and everyone is horrified as the snake lunges toward Natasha.

However, Dhawal saves Natasha by covering her with the cloth and hugs her tightly. Amba quickly finds a candle and suggests using it to scare the snake away. Dhawal successfully frightens the snake with the candle, and it escapes through the window. Chiku is in tears and reflects on the complexity of these relationships, revealing that Suman never truly accepted him, even though he loves the family.

Amrish inquires about everyone's well-being. Natasha checks on Dolly, and Dhawal becomes increasingly concerned for her, urging them to call an ambulance, believing the snake bit her. Natasha reveals that it's just lipstick marks on her, and Dhawal embraces her in relief. Amrish observes Dhawal and Chirag hugging their wives and acknowledges that love transcends the limits of their house.

Precap: Hetal rushes to Natasha and announces that Golu is missing, suggesting someone may have kidnapped him. Natasha informs her that she must dance to save Golu, and Amrish arrives.

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