Pandya Store: Natasha's defiance over Pandya Store orders

In the upcoming Pandya Store episode, Amba's kitchen plans go awry as Natasha struggles with a growing menu, while outside, Suman faces off against a bulldozer and Natasha gets entangled in a surprising conflict.

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Amba's expanding menu:

Tonight's Pandya Store episode begins with Amba putting on an act in front of Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav). Natasha assures Amba that she will handle the situation. Amba agrees, and just then, Hetal and Dolly arrive. Hetal apologizes for their lateness, and Natasha suggests that they cook according to Amrish's preferences. Amba agrees, listing khandvi, dal dhokla, aamras, and puri. Natasha appears concerned. Amba insists that they make the food together in two hours without the chef's help, as Natasha had previously suggested, and they all dine together. Dhawal discusses Natasha with a friend, admitting that he likes her and that she's kind-hearted, but he denies having any romantic feelings for her.

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Bulldozer drama at Pandya Store:

Meanwhile, Mittu calls Natasha repeatedly, and Amba finally answers the call. Mittu informs her that they've brought a bulldozer to break the Pandya store and urges her to come quickly. Amba disconnects the call, wondering if Natasha overheard the conversation. Chiku (Sahil Uppal), with the intention of breaking the store, arrives at the Pandya store, but Suman (Krutika Desai) and Mittu stop him. Suman throws her stick at Chiku, who taunts her. She warns him that he'll have to go over her dead body to break into the store. Mittu calls Natasha again, informing her of the urgent situation. Natasha decides to leave, and Amba gives her permission.

Natasha's arrival:

Natasha rushes to the scene, where Chiku is causing trouble. She throws mud at him and confronts him about her Sasural's territory. She climbs up and pulls Chiku, scolding him fiercely. Chiku reveals that he was ordered to break the Pandya store by her own Sasural. Natasha is shocked. She asserts that this area belongs to her. Chiku advises her to go and talk to her family first. Natasha is determined not to believe him and demands that he come down immediately.

Meanwhile, Shesh arrives at the scene and both the brothers helps Natasha to stop Chiku. Chiku ties up the Pandya family. Suman seeks help from the neighbors, and Dhawal confronts Chiku, demanding to know who ordered him to break the store. Suman is relieved to see Dhawal arrive. Just then, Amrish arrives, and the worker rushes towards Amrish, who then reveals that they were acting under Amrish's orders to break the Pandya store. Everyone is left stunned.


In the precap of Pandya Store, Natasha argues with Dhawal, who insists that she shouldn't do anything that Amrish disapproves of.

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