Pandya Store: Natasha's concerns grow over Suman's condition

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Suman's critical condition brings Chiku, Natasha, and the family together, with Chiku revealing his true identity.

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Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode begins with the doctor explaining that they had to put Suman on a ventilator. Natasha is puzzled and questions why, considering she was perfectly fine in the morning. The doctor reveals that Suman's old age and recent heart attack have led to organ complications. A nurse mentions the need for medicines from Mumbai.

Natasha is shocked and asks what to do. The doctor urges her to try and arrange the medicine. Natasha is visibly anxious. Chiku steps in, expressing his protective instincts as a brother. Dhawal arrives and watches the scene unfold. Chiku then discloses his true identity as Yashodan Pandya, aka Chiku. Dhawal is surprised and asks if Suman is in the hospital. Shesh informs Dhawal that Suman has been admitted to the city hospital and is in critical condition. Dhawal rushes to the hospital, leaving Chabeli concerned. Amba asserts that Dhawal didn't go against his family but instead went to resolve the matter. Amrish is perplexed and wonders why Chiku didn't reveal his identity earlier. Natasha contacts Neetu, seeking help in obtaining the required medicine. Chiku explains his delayed disclosure by stating there's a right time for everything, and he didn't find it necessary to reveal his identity. Shesh receives a call from Natasha and informs Chiku that they need to act swiftly to obtain the medicine for Suman. Chiku departs, leaving Natasha feeling helpless. Dhawal arrives at the hospital and is met with Natasha's anger, leading to a physical altercation. A romantic song plays in the background as they tumble over a stretcher.

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Amba fears that Chiku's presence might lead to further trouble, particularly for Natasha's grandmother, Suman. Amrish is determined not to let any harm come to Suman. He questions Chiku's intentions, wondering why he wants to harm Pandya Store, which is rightfully his. Dhawal, while overhearing Natasha's conversation, misconstrues her mention of Mumbai as a plan to relocate there. Dhawal approaches the doctor to inquire about Suman's condition. The doctor explains Suman's critical state and mentions the need for a specific injection. He suggests that they seek out a qualified heart specialist. Dhawal offers to help in arranging the injection and leaves to do so. Natasha is distressed by Dhawal's departure, feeling abandoned by him. Amba expresses her concern, believing that Natasha's revelations could lead to problems for their family, especially regarding the ownership of Pandya Store.

Chiku reassures Natasha that he will obtain the necessary injection from Mumbai and apologizes for his delayed return. While still upset, Natasha expresses her emotional turmoil and questions how Chiku, with a loving upbringing from Dhara, could act so heartlessly. Amrish acknowledges the impact of his decisions and attitudes on Natasha. Natasha reveals her love for Suman and how much she misses Chiku, who she thought didn't care about them. Chiku, moved by their emotions, apologizes and embraces them all. Shesh and Mittu express their joy at Chiku's return, emphasizing that they had missed him greatly. Natasha inquires about Mittu's whereabouts, and Shesh mentions that he's not as courageous. Suman, realizing her happiness is incomplete without Chiku, questions his return and recalls Natasha's previous accusations of Dhawal's betrayal.

Precap: Suman's health improves, bringing smiles to Natasha and Shesh's faces. Dhawal arrives with his family, and Suman seeks clarification on the allegations of Dhawal's deceit.

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