Pandya Store: Natasha discovers her brother Chiku filed a complaint against Dhawal

In tonight's Pandya Store episode, Natasha and Dhawal are caught in a tricky situation, and tensions rise within the family.

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Pandya Store

In tonight's Pandya Store episode, Suman (Krutika Desai) is upset and pretends to act. She asks Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) to call Shesh and Mittu, but Natasha refuses. Suman continues her act, and Dolly reveals to Amresh about Chirag booking honeymoon tickets. Chirag declines by stating it is false and reveals Dolly and Natasha's talking. Amresh contemplates fixing Natasha. Amresh scolds Chirag for spending money and insists that no one should go on a honeymoon after marriage because they should value money. Dolly argues that going on a honeymoon is a tradition, but Amresh reminds her that they have financial obligations.

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Chiku's false complaint against Dhawal:

At night, Amba gives him a bowl and expresses concern about their financial future because of Natasha. Amresh reveals that he sent Dhawal with Natasha to gain her trust and eventually get her to sign important papers. Amba is scared of the consequences of sending Dhawal along with Natasha, and she leaves. Amresh hints about his man, who might have done his job already to create havoc. Amresh calls Dhawal and reminds him of the paper to be signed. He asks to gain trust from Natasha very soon. Suman instructs Shesh and Mittu to leave Dhawal's room, and Shesh and Mittu leave from there, informing Dhawal. Chirag tries to convince Dolly to be with him but fails. Natasha enters Dhawal's room, and they fight over sleeping on the bed. Chiku (Sahil Uppal) acts worried about Natasha's safety and calls the police, pretending that Dhawal is troubling her. The police arrive, and Natasha plays along, thinking it's a prank, accusing Dhawal. They both go to the police station.

Natasha's discovery:

Chiku is secretly planning something against the Pandya store. Meanwhile, Shesh and Mittu are partying, and Suman becomes suspicious. Chiku enters Suman's room and hides when Suman wakes up. At the police station, Natasha tries to show her marriage video to prove her relationship with Dhawal, but her phone runs out of battery. The police officer doesn't want to check social media and gives Natasha a charger. She asks for another charger, irritating the officer. Suman calls Shesh and asks about Natasha's whereabouts. Shesh informs her that Natasha is with Dhawal. Natasha becomes worried when she can't find evidence on social media and realizes that her brother, Yashodan Pandya, has filed a complaint against her.


In the precap of Pandya Store, Amba is shown to be in a potential accident situation in front of Natasha.

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