Pandya Store: Natasha departs from Makwana house; Chiku tries to console her

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Natasha confronts her family and leaves in anger while Chiku tries to console her.

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Tonight's episode of Pandya Store begins with a heated argument between Natasha and Amba. Natasha expresses her anger, accusing the family of betrayal, and announces her intention to leave. Dhawal pleads with her not to go, but she believes they never truly cared for her and were only interested in their business deal. Natasha declares her determination to break the deal and asserts she doesn't want their love. She refuses to hand over her share of Pandya Store, stating that it will always remain hers. Natasha begins to pack her bag, and Dhawal attempts to stop her. Meanwhile, Suman goes to prepare some milk but accidentally spills it. Mittu and Shesh offer to help clean up the mess. Suman expresses her frustration with the unfortunate events.

As Natasha continues to argue with Dhawal, her bag accidentally knocks over a puja plate, causing sindoor and water from the Kalash to spill. Natasha steps on the sindoor and water and then walks away, leaving visible footprints. Dhawal is left in tears. Hetal's son approaches Natasha and asks her where she's going. She responds vaguely, telling him to go back inside and not inquire further. He expresses concern, but Natasha brushes it off, using an excuse about dirt in her eyes. He hugs her and pleads not to go, worried about his upcoming exams and who will help him prepare. Natasha tries to reassure him and sends him inside. Amba remarks on Natasha's bad luck and mentions she had warned Amrish about it. Dhawal rushes to stop Natasha, but she remains determined to leave. Amba instructs her daughters-in-law to get back to work.

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Back at Natasha's home, Chiku arrives on the scene. An auto driver offers to help with her bag, but Chiku intervenes, claiming to know Natasha and takes her bag instead. Chiku notices Natasha's distress and attempts to console her by holding her head. Natasha holds onto his hand as they share a moment of emotional connection. Chiku is concerned about Natasha's condition and suspects something. He decides to investigate further.

Back at the Pandya Store, Shesh uses a vacuum cleaning machine to tidy the house. However, the machine ends up making a mess as milk splatters everywhere. Suman scolds Shesh and insists that he remove the machine from the house. Back at Natasha's home, Natasha arrives and breaks down in tears. She reflects on Suman's encouraging words and promises to confide in Suman about her problems. She sits there crying, feeling overwhelmed by her emotions. Dhawal is shown running frantically on the road, presumably searching for Natasha.

Precap: Natasha reveals her intention to seek revenge, believing that Suman's heart attack was caused by her actions. Chiku, determined to help her, identifies himself as Chiku and declares that her problems are also his problems. Natasha, however, slaps him and accuses him of being sent by Amrish. She insists that Amrish will never gain control of the Pandya Store.

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