Pandya Store: Natasha demands that Amrish confess the truth, threatening to expose him if he doesn't

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Natasha confronts Amrish with evidence of her innocence and Golu's kidnapper, presenting a photo of the Makwana brothers.

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Pandya Store

Pandya Store, a beloved stop for fans of Hindi soap operas, continues to captivate viewers with its storylines and intriguing characters. Following a generational leap, the narrative now centers around Suman (Krutika Desai), who, along with her grandchildren Chiku, Shesh, Mittu, and Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav), take the storyline forward. The current storyline revolves around Isha kidnapping Golu and Hetal confronting Amrish.

In tonight's episode, Chiku introduces Isha to Natasha, revealing her connection to Golu's kidnapping. Natasha scolds Chiku for implicating Isha. Financial troubles surface as Chiku receives a call about pending medical store payments. Natasha worries about their future and considers getting a job. Dhawal lies about Natasha's whereabouts to avoid trouble. Natasha, plotting to prove her innocence, requests garba footage. Dhawal teases her return, and Natasha receives distressing news about Hetal's mother. She overhears financial struggles but can't help due to her own situation. An argument erupts at dinner as Natasha insists on working, but Amrish opposes, setting the stage for family conflicts.

In the upcoming Pandya Store episode, Natasha boldly faces Amrish, asserting that she's uncovered evidence proving her innocence and about Golu's kidnapper. With confidence, she presents a photo of the Makwana brothers, claiming it came from the kidnapper. Amrish, visibly shocked, is left speechless. Natasha, unyielding, questions him, challenging whether he has any response to this revelation. She confronts him, asking if he'll acknowledge his truth before the family or if she should expose him herself.

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