Pandya Store: Isha assures Amba she won't leave again

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Isha reassures Amba with a commitment not to leave again.

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Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode commences with Hetal inquiring about Amrish and whether he's upset due to her support for Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav)  bringing Isha home. She points out the cupboard filled with gifts for Isha, noting Amrish's nocturnal visits and expressing her understanding of Isha's significance to him. Chirag instructs Dolly to prepare, anticipating a joyful family time. Hetal, emphasizing her involvement was solely for Amrish, acknowledges the hidden soft-hearted brother within him. Without a verbal response, Amrish retrieves a saree from the cupboard, instructing Hetal to prepare for the puja.

Hetal, elated, thanks Natasha mentally, appreciating Amrish's choice of saree. Chirag inadvertently spills water on Dolly's dress and later unintentionally knocks them down while retrieving her sandals. At the Pandya house, Chiku contemplates the events at the Makwana house. Suman suggests that Natasha, who used to handle everything, should now take on responsibilities. She encourages Chiku not to suppress his feelings, permitting him. Amba presents jewellery to her daughters-in-law, leading Chabili to question Dolly's choice. Amba cites Natasha bringing Isha home as the reason.

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Isha is treated to her favourite sweets and is grateful for the celebration. Natasha proposes singing a family song, offering to gift one to the Pandya family. She dances and brings couples together during "Yaadon ki baarat." The Makwanas participate in Diwali puja and light diyas together. Amrish abruptly leaves, surprising everyone, and later burns all the gifts he bought for Isha. Isha, unaware of this, thanks Amrish for letting her stay. Amrish credits Amba and reveals his altered decision. Natasha falls asleep, and Dhawal, unaware, converses with her before realizing she's sleeping. He tenderly carries her to bed, smiling at her dupatta caught in his watch.

Isha assures Amba she won't leave again. The following day, Natasha and Dhawal share a moment until interrupted by Dolly. Chiku arrives at the Pandya house with gifts for Natasha's in-laws, concluding the episode. 

Precap: Amrish informs Natasha that Dhawal questioned his decision, sparking a challenge to his thinking and a promise from Natasha to rebuild their house.

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