'Pandya Store' fame Shabaaz Abdullah Badi bonds best with Ankur Nayyar off-screen

Pandya Store fame Shabaaz Abdullah Badi shares his on-screen rapport with Ankur Nayyar and his character Bhaven.

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Shabaaz Abdullah Badi and Ankur Nayyar

Shabaaz Abdullah Badi has a strong on-screen rapport with Ankur Nayyar in the TV show Pandya Store, where they are frequently engaged in jovial conversations or playful disagreements.

Shabaaz says, "I found a brother in Ankur Nayyar. On-screen, we don't match each other and differ opinions. But offscreen, we both bond the best and are always on same page. I respect him a lot and spend my most of time along with him offshoot on set. And the relationship will go for long for sure."

The show revolves around the tale of four brothers and features actors Rohit Chandel, Abhishek Sharma, Ankur Nayyar, and Shahbaaz; the latter portrays the pivotal character of Bhaven.

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Shahbaaz also added that he has a very calm and gentlemanly personality in real life. He is not aggressive like his on-screen role. "I play Bhaven, who is quite angry young man. He carries a little aggressive personality. But I'm not at all like him. In real life, I'm very calm and responsible. I know how to handle things in difficult situations. But as an actor, I'm enjoying the role."

The show recently took a leap, introducing a new team. He mentioned about developing a good bond on set. "We all are new, but with each passing day, as a team, we are sharing a strong bond. We enjoy as a family on sets."

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