Pandya Store: Dolly blames Natasha for convincing her to attend the pooja

In the upcoming episode of the Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Dolly's menstrual status is accidentally revealed during a religious ritual, leading to the humiliation of Amresh and the family.

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In tonight's Pandya Store episode, Dolly explains to Chirag that she is on her period, emphasizing that it's a natural occurrence. However, this sparks gossip among some ladies in the vicinity. During a religious ritual, the priest requests fruits, and Amrish asks Dolly to pass an apple to him. Just as she is about to hand it to the priest, Chirag abruptly stops her, revealing that she is menstruating, which surprises everyone. Amba confronts Dolly and admits this, leading to a scolding from Amba, who reminds her that menstruating girls are not allowed in holy places. Dhawal, meanwhile, hopes that Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) doesn't get involved in the matter. Chirag apologizes to Amba for the incident.

As a result of Dolly's menstrual status being revealed, all the priests participating in the ritual stand up, blaming her for impuring the environment. The head priest declares that the hawan cannot proceed and extinguishes the fire, stating that they've committed a sin by carrying on with the ritual. Some ashes from the fire accidentally fly into Amrish's face. Suman (Krutika Desai) informs Chiku that she plans to attend a bhoomi puja despite not being formally invited. Chiku advises against it, but Suman insists on going, ignoring Chiku's attempts to stop her. Chiku reflects on Suman's stubbornness.

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Later, a girl shows Dolly negative comments about her on social media regarding the incident. Natasha points out that the girl only highlights the negative comments, not the positive ones. However, Amrish reprimands Natasha for interrupting. He apologizes to the priest on behalf of his family. The priest explains that, as per tradition, Amrish must seek forgiveness from eleven other priests who will encircle the havan. At the end of each circle, he needs to apologize for his family's mistake. Amrish agrees and proceeds to do so.

Guests at the event taunt Amrish, suggesting he should take better care of the women in his family. Amresh feels deeply humiliated by the turn of events. Dolly's father apologizes to Amba and leaves. Chirag also reproaches Dolly, reminding her that he had advised her to rest and not attend the puja. Amba scolds Dolly and instructs her to return home. Suman and Chiku learn about the incident at the puja. Dhawal tells Natasha that she may have been right to support Dolly, but this public humiliation has affected Amrish and Dolly negatively. Natasha argues that if Amrish hadn't apologized, Dolly wouldn't have been proven wrong.

Amba reprimands Dolly for attending the puja, and Dhawal expresses his concern for Amrish's humiliation. Natasha defends Dolly, insisting that she didn't do anything wrong. Dhawal requests Natasha to avoid arguing about this topic. Suman tries to call Natasha to inquire about what happened, but Natasha disconnects the call. Dolly blames Natasha for taking her to the puja and putting all the blame on her. Amrish angrily approaches Natasha, but Dhawal intervenes, positioning himself protectively in front of her and holding her hands. The episode concludes with a tense confrontation between Amrish and Dhawal.

Precap: Amba announces that Dolly will not be allowed to serve food for the next three days and declares that Chirag cannot stay in her room. Natasha objects but is scolded by Amba.

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