Pandya Store: Dhawal's action moves Suman, leading her to draw a comparison with Gautam

In tonight's episode of Pandya Store, Chiku's sinister plans to harm Suman are thwarted when Dhawal and Chiku save her from a potential accident.

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Pandya Store

Dhawal and Natasha's tender moment:

The episode opens with Suman (Krutika Desai) finding something fishy about the wheelchair and asking Shesh and Mittu to hold the chair. Chiku (Sahil Uppal) anxiously waits for Suman to face an accident, fearing Shesh and Mittu might intervene. Meanwhile, Dhawal and Natasha are stuck when their auto breaks down on their way to the temple. Natasha insists they can't enter the temple in their current unclean clothes. Dhawal suggests a plan, and they both get drenched together with water from a truck, which ignites a romantic moment between them. The truck owner scolds them for wasting water, prompting them to rush towards the temple. Suman hurries the boys, and as they run, one takes a call while Chiku pushes the other, causing Suman's wheelchair to move uncontrollably.

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Dhawal's action moves Suman:

Chiku is unsure about his actions and recalls his childhood moments. In a moment of panic, Suman's wheelchair heads towards a tree, but both Dhawal and Chiku save her in the nick of time. Natasha and her brothers rush to Suman, who is comforted and grateful. She acknowledges that Dhawal and Chiku saved her, blessing them in the process. Chiku is left unsure about his own feelings. Suman regrets missing the aarti, but Dhawal carries her to the ceremony. She fondly remembers her son saving her once and draws a comparison with Dhawal, feeling content about his marriage to Natasha. During their visit to the temple, the Pandit asks Dhawal to apply sindoor on Natasha's forehead, and Suman is overjoyed. Chiku observes this from a distance and contemplates his emotions.

Amresh's anger:

Amresh calls Chiku, who nervously recounts the incident, attributing Dhawal's rescue moment, which angers Amresh. Amresh is shocked to learn about Dhawal reaching the temple on time and having his Sindhoor moment with Natasha. Amba overhears the conversation as she passes by. They all pray together in front of God while Amba vows to bring Dhawal back to their side.


In the precap of Pandya Store, Amresh says that Suman had a chance to save her family by naming Pandya Store in his name. A bus speeds dangerously towards Suman, and Natasha screams her name in alarm.

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