Pandya Store: Chiku's return to Somnath looms on the horizon

The upcoming Pandya Store episode delves into Chiku's emotional nostalgia, his heroic intervention to protect a girl, and his intriguing decision to accept a supervisor job in Somnath.

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Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode begins with Chiku (Sahil Uppal), immersed in watching dance videos, stumbling upon Natasha's (Priyanshi Yadav) wedding video. This unexpected sight triggers deep emotions as he reflects on the past with Suman (Krutika Desai) and Dhara (Shiny Doshi).

Chiku rescues a girl:

Amidst his emotional reverie, Chiku witnesses a group of men chasing after a girl. He swiftly intervenes, beating up the aggressors and encouraging the girl to stand up against them. He emphasizes the importance of respecting and protecting all girls, even acknowledging the value of those in difficult circumstances. 

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In a twist of fate, a contractor approaches Chiku with a substantial contract for a supervisor position in Somnath. Initially hesitant due to past memories with Shweta, Chiku's interest is piqued when he learns that the renowned Sadar Bazaar, including the Pandya Store, is slated for demolition.

Bhoomi's song and family dance:

Back home, Bhoomi serenades the Makwana family with a song, igniting a lively dance session. After the song, Bhoomi bids farewell and extends her best wishes to the couples. Chirag and Dolly exchange garlands, completing their wedding rituals with smiles and happiness. Natasha enters the mandap with her brothers, holding a cloth over her head. Dhawal, acting on Amresh's instructions, takes Natasha's hand and leads her to the mandap. They exchange garlands, and Suman ties the gathbandhan while Amba seethes with discontent.

Natasha and Dhawal's wedding:

As they take the sacred rounds around the fire, Natasha wishes for Dhawal's unwavering support in her life. Dhawal conflicted about his hidden agenda, apologizes to Natasha internally for feigning love to secure property. He applies sindoor, officially making Natasha his wife, all while plotting to obtain her signature on the crucial documents Amresh desires.


In the precap of Pandya Store, Natasha expresses her happiness at joining a new family, looking forward to her first day in their home. Meanwhile, Amresh hints at the impending takeover of Pandya Stores, suggesting ulterior motives behind Natasha and Dhawal's marriage.

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