Pandya Store: Chiku accepts the fifty lakh cheque offered by Amrish

In the upcoming episode of the Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Hetal and the family encourage Natasha to eat, while Chiku accepts the fifty lakh cheque offered by Amrish.

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Pandya Store

In tonight's Pandya Store episode, Hetal encourages Natasha to eat, but Natasha initially declines. Pranali and Dolly bring the food to Chiku and Shesh, who are also refusing to eat. Hetal insists that they all eat, mentioning how Suman has recovered and that Chiku and Shesh won't eat until Natasha does. Dhawal advises Natasha to eat to avoid getting unwell, but she scolds him. Eventually, Natasha agrees to eat, and Chiku and Shesh also start eating. Dolly playfully teases them about their hunger.

Hetal thanks Natasha for bringing positive change to the house, stating it was much needed. Pranali smiles and thanks Natasha as well. Hetal expresses concern for Dhawal, who has been hungry since yesterday and urges him to eat. She asks Pranali to serve him food, and Dhawal eagerly starts eating. After eating, he follows Natasha.

Meanwhile, Pranali receives a call from Amba, who asks them to return home. Dolly suggests saying goodbye to Natasha, but Hetal prefers to do it over the phone. Shesh is tasked with letting Natasha know that they've left. A nurse asks Chiku to fetch juice for the patient.

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As Dhawal and Natasha wash their hands, they have a heated argument. Natasha accuses Dhawal of faking everything, and he challenges her by asking how she fell in love with him. He attempts to get close to her, but she pulls away, clearly upset. Amrish, who is watching, approaches Chiku at the juice stall. Chiku tells Amrish that he has quit the job and is ready to face the consequences. Amrish hands Chiku a cheque for fifty lakhs, explaining that the store belongs to Dhawal, not Natasha. He urges Chiku to take responsibility for the store, as he believes Chiku is more sensible than Natasha and Suman. Chiku hesitates but ultimately decides to keep the cheque.

Natasha returns with the juice and questions Chiku about the man she saw him with. Chiku dismisses it as a marketing person and conceals the cheque. Dhawal, on the other hand, is approached by a man who hands him the keys to the Pandya store, which triggers a flashback of Natasha taunting him and crying. He declines to accept the keys and decides he needs to talk to Amrish.

Meanwhile, Suman refuses to drink Karela's juice, but Natasha persuades her to do it. Suman recalls Natasha telling her that Dhawal cheated on her and demands the truth. Natasha admits it was a misunderstanding but doesn't provide more details. Suman asks Natasha to swear on her. Natasha reluctantly swears to prove her point.

Precap: Natasha arrives at the Makhwana house, where Amrish informs her that they no longer need her because they are about to acquire the Pandya store. To everyone's surprise, Natasha reveals that the store is in her name and presents the ownership papers to Amrish.

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