Pandya Store: Amresh's ambitious plans for Pandya Store and Natasha's emotional farewell marks new beginnings

In the upcoming Pandya Store episode, Amresh achieves his dream of acquiring Pandya Store. Natasha's emotional departure from her family and arrival at her new home mark significant moments.

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Pandya Store

Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode starts with Dolly's father congratulating Amresh on achieving his dream of acquiring Pandya Store. Amresh, however, emphasizes that he doesn't dream without certainty. He mentions that now both the daughters-in-law and the shop are under their control, and he can't wait to demolish it to build his complex.

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Natasha and Dhawal seek blessings: 

Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) and Dhawal seek blessings from Amba, followed by Suman (Krutika Desai). Suman expresses her happiness in welcoming her daughters into her house but also shares sorrow at the thought of her daughter leaving home. Amba mentions the wedding drama, and Suman agrees that such dramatic events are routine in their family. Eventually, they all leave. Meanwhile, Chiku (Sahil Uppal) is on his way to enter Somnath.

Emotional farewell for Natasha:

Natasha begins packing her belongings in her room, reminiscing about various memories through the photos. As Natasha comes out with her belongings, she embraces Suman again, shedding tears. Mitthu and Shesh, too, become emotional. Suman appeals to Dhawal to take good care of Natasha, and he promises to do so. Dhawal asks Mitthu to stop crying and fetch water for Natasha, who hasn't had any for a long time. Mitthu complies, and Dhawal's love touches Suman for Natasha.

Natasha has an emotional farewell from her home. Chiku arrives at his destination, gazing at his house. Simultaneously, Natasha boards a car, and as it starts moving, Suman and the two brothers chase after it. Chiku also becomes emotional as he places his hand on the vehicle. In his mind, he apologizes to Natasha, who eventually leaves the scene. Amba's assistant informs Amna that her youngest daughter-in-law will be arriving soon and asks if she plans to welcome her. Amba assures that she will indeed welcome Natasha.


In the precap of Pandya Store, Natasha tells Dhawal that despite leaving her family behind, she's happy to have gained another family through him. She expresses excitement about her first day in their house. Amresh tells Natasha that she's correct, as Pandya Stores will be entirely his.

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