Pandya Store: A mysterious girl enters with a history involving the Makwana family

In the upcoming episode of the Star Plus' show Pandya Store, a mysterious girl arrives at the Makwana house, and tensions escalate within the family as they grapple with their past.

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Pandya Store

In tonight's Pandya Store episode, Chirag seeks Amba's permission to stay with Dolly, fearing the snake might return. Amrish advises them to keep the windows closed and leaves. Dolly mentions how Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) saved her by feeding her pizza, and Amba and Dhawal are curious. Dolly apologizes to Natasha for her earlier remark. Chirag expresses gratitude to Natasha for her help.

Meanwhile, a girl gets off a bus, and a guy follows her. She collides with Chiku, and he catches her as she falls. She retrieves some photos that fell, and Chiku is captivated by her. Natasha explains that she ordered pizza for Dolly because she wasn't feeling well, and Amba agrees, acknowledging Natasha's role in saving Dolly. Dolly and Chirag express their gratitude.

Amba and the others depart, and Dhawal thanks Natasha while holding her hand. Chirag hugs Dolly. Chiku fails to notice a picture of the Makwana brothers that the girl takes. He asks if she's okay, and she assures him that no one is following her. She hires an auto to take her to the Makwana house, leaving Chiku wondering if he heard her correctly.

Natasha receives a call from Suman (Krutika Desai). She apologizes, claiming it was a busy call, and Suman inquires about the puja. Caught off guard, Natasha explains that she didn't consider inviting Suman. Suman questions if they are upset with her, to which Natasha denies. Suman asks if she will be allowed to visit and manage the store, and Natasha makes an excuse before ending the call. Suman realizes Natasha is making excuses and worries about her relationship with Dhawal's family.

Back at home, Natasha sees a dress, which Dhawal reveals was sent by Hetal for her. They argue again. Amba finds an old photo album and becomes emotional. The girl, who is on her way to the Makhwana house, realizes she may be insulted and evicted, just like it happened four years ago. She gives a fake address to the auto driver and leaves, unseen by Amba.

While everyone participates in the aarti, Golu accidentally knocks over the aarti plate. Amba feels anxious and apologizes to Matarani, offering her prayers. Dolly decides to change her dress as it gets spoiled, and Natasha notices a call from Hetal's brother. Hetal advises her not to answer it, but Natasha believes it might be urgent, so Hetal takes the call. Hetal expresses her displeasure about the call. In the next scene, Hetal talks to her brother and informs him that she's no longer a part of their family, rejecting his request. He shares that their mother is unwell and wants to see Golu. Hetal refuses to visit and cuts the call. Natasha encourages Hetal to let Golu meet his grandmother, and Hetal is conflicted.

Precap: Hetal rushes to Natasha, revealing that Golu is missing and questioning if someone has kidnapped him. Natasha informs Hetal that she must dance to save Golu.

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