Pallavi Gupta has a tiff with fire now...

Pallavi Gupta of Hum Ladkiyan who is now restricted to a wheel chair, had to face yet another scary moment while shooting for a fire sequence..

Published: Wednesday,Jan 28, 2009 19:36 PM GMT-07:00
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Well the lady surely seems to be having a bad time as far as her safety is concerned. Just when Pallavi Gupta who recently met with a very serious accident that caused a major fracture in her leg, had resumed shooting for her show Hum Ladkiyan albeit on the wheel chair, she had another cirisis to face!!

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Apparently, the team had to shoot for a fire sequence that involved her. In spite of having a body double, Pallavi was required to do the sequence herself and in the process almost caught herself on fire too!

The lady who didn't realize the intensity of the sequence started crying when she was shooting for it as she was surrounded by fire. Engulfed by fear, she could not wait till the shot was taken, and things got worse for her when she realized that she being restricted by a wheelchair would not be able to run in case of any emergency.

"It was the scariest shot I had ever given. I was crying and saying I wanted to go home. After my accident I had it in my sub-conscious mind that had any accident occurred I would have been unable to run and even save my life. In fact my dupatta had even caught fire and someone told me, had I been any closer, my hair would have caught fire too".

To add to her grievance, she recalled her astrologer predicting that it wasn't an auspicious time for her and she needed to be careful. "Yes, that just scared me even more. I felt that was it, some misfortune was bound to happen then. It was so difficult and I was praying all along. I was so glad when ultimately we got the shot. I think I didn't have to do any acting there, it was naturally dramatic enough", says Pallavi.

Well, we advice a word of caution, young lady!

Pallavi Gupta

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smart amy girl
smart amy girl 14 years ago oh god...hope she''s fine..!!!! thanx..!!
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hmmm... 14 years ago how stupid she asked a astrologer. He said it''s not a good time for her and she needs to be careful. duhhh, i could''ve told her that since she just had a leg fracture. People forget that only God knows the future and only HE can save them not any astrologer, numerologist, palmist, tarot card readers, etc.
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brainychild92 14 years ago omg i hope she is fine.. she shouldnt have had to do that! she couldve hurt herself!!
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monu_tan 14 years ago Ha ha i liked the way she said ''I think I didn''t have to do any acting there, it was naturally dramatic enough''..
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-De.De- 14 years ago oh kool...
he played Gogal very well :)
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Blee 14 years ago kool.....i noe mira nair n have met her once....her son n me were friends n kool 2 noe dat her son convinced her 2 audition him....
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