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Pallavi and Esha lock horns to defeat each other in ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali’

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of Star Plus show ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali’.

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Raghav and Pallavi

Star Plus show ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Esha and Sunny trying to seperate Pallavi and Raghav. Esha wants Raghav back in her life. Sunny has been helping her to attain her goals.

In the previous episode, Sunny locks Pallavi in a room while she prepares sweets for the old age home people as promised to Raghav. Pallavi gets in a fix when she couldn’t come out of the room. Raghav reaches home and starts looking for Pallavi as he wants to take the sweets and leave for the old age home. Esha comes there and tells him that she has ordered sugarfree sweets. 

Pallavi turns up and gives the sweets to Raghav and he leaves. Later, Pallavi confront Esha and Sunny and explains how she understood that Esha and Sunny are together in this. She tells Esha that she will throw her out of the house. Esha tries to manipulate Pallavi again but Pallavi doesn’t budge. Esha tells her that she won’t leave the house as her fate has brought her back in Raghav’s life and she will make her first love win. 

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Raghav reaches home. Pallavi mentions about Esha, Raghav tells her that Esha already called and was telling him that she wants to leave the house but he stopped him as she won’t be safe. Esha comes there and tells Raghav that she wants to leave the Rao mansion. Raghav mentions that Sumit’s problem hasn’t been solved and thus she can’t go anywhere. Esha tells Pallavi that she will win Raghav back in her life. She accepts that all the planning was done by her.

Furthermore, Raghav asks Esha to pack her bags as Pallavi tells him that Esha should move to a safer place. 

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali  Star Plus 

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