Palak eager to wear revealing clothes...

Barely few days in the jungles of Malaysia, and our dear Palak is full on with her antics and drama in Sony's Iss Jungle..

Palak, the girl with lots of adjectives in her mouth is back again to entertain everyone with her trashy antics on Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao which airs on Sony Entertainment Television. And guess what? She's already started with her nautanki!

Says our source, "In the rain forests of Malaysia, where everyone is running for cover from creepy crawly things, not to mention the rain, Palak is complaining that she is not able to reveal her body. She is thoroughly disappointed that the dress code does not match up to her expectations."

However, Palak somehow figured a way out to flaunt her body during one of the promotional photo shoots. The source tells, "During one of the photo shoots for the promotion of Iss Jungle…, Palak made sure that she chose the shortest dress to wear! Hope it has made up for some of Palak's disappointment."

We wonder if Palak is aware of the skills needed to survive in a tropical rainforest. Surely, a sexy figure and a bratty mouth do not qualify for that! And is Palak acting this way to give a fake impression to her competitors?

To find out catch 'Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao', Monday to Thursday at 10 p.m. and Fridays at 9 p.m. only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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Comments (29)

Wow an indian version of paris Hilton! wasn't one version enough? this show reminds me of Total drama island and she reminds me of heather..

14 years ago

palak eager to wear revealing's her wish.But nobody wants to see her like that or in any other way. Stupid girl.

14 years ago

she spoils every show..........firstly she spoiled roadies n now ijsmb

14 years ago

she is really horrible...should be out of the show 1st n then fiza.....i hate them both!!!!

14 years ago

can plz any1 tell me y the hell she is there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

14 years ago

can someone please tell me from which angle is palak sexy.

14 years ago

nt 2 mention she is mahaan in faking, manipulating n opening her big mouth...

14 years ago

palak sexy!!!???my foot....shes an attentiuon seeking pig!!!!!!and i wont watch the show as long as SHES dere in it!!!

14 years ago

not Nat Geo, this is a waered down vesion of I'M A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here...airs on Star World in India right now...

and i'm sorry, i've never been able to stand this one, ever since her Roadies offense meant...but i really don't like her much...

14 years ago

Who is she??She acts as if she is Aishwarya Rai!!!!!

And sexy??I don't call that sexy!!!!

14 years ago

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