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OMG! This Star Bharat show to go OFF-AIR in 5 months on May 26th

The show never really clicked with numbers..


Star Bharat, like any other channel is going through major changes when it comes to the programming and shows going on-air and off-air.

We recently reported about how Chandrashekhar, one of the channel's most ambitious projects will be going off-air next month. But, there is another show which will be going off-air about which we actually reported back in March and that show is Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki.

The show was launched back on 1st January 2018 with a lot of expectations and starred Vishal Vashistha and Sweta Bhattacharya as the leading couple. It was actually a remake of a popular Bengali show, but they stuck to the original script in the initial days. After making a few changes here and there for the Hindi viewing audience, the show did witness a rise in the numbers. Unfortunately, the show is still going off-air and will thus be shutting shop by 26th May 2018.

The show will be replaced by producer Rashmi Sharma's Muskaan which stars Sonakshi Save and Arina Dev.

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*Dev.* 2014-08-18T12:10:03Z what is actually meant by low profile? actors should be tagged based on their acting skills rather than the budget of movie.

Nice article. Waiting for Mardaani & Hope it will do well because of its thrilling story & ofcourse Rani .
..Roopal.. 2014-08-08T11:36:50Z i wonder when the gang of mumbai released
i had no clue of such movie
..Roopal.. 2014-08-08T07:18:04Z except its entertainment and the gangs of mumbai m excited for all
mardaani look promising
-Piku- 2014-08-08T04:30:28Z Great expectations from Singham Returns & Ajay DEvgan
Entertainment shuru kiya jaye Akshay Kumar u r awesome
actfaqs0 2014-08-07T23:45:53Z Hoping Singham will be good like its first version 2014-08-07T20:21:48Z I am really eager to watch Singham returns and Mardaani.
Mardaani looksreally good in the trailers and i hope it doe swell for Rani
Cutiepie_Rani 2014-08-07T13:08:06Z I am so excited for Mardaani and pray that it does well for Rani.
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