OMG! Nia Sharma's wallet gets STOLEN and all her documents are GONE

She still deals with it positively... Read on to know more.

9 November 2018

Actress Nia Sharma is certainly known to be an anomaly in herself, where her way of looking at things and approaching life, in general, is surely different than the normal beings out there.

She is badass, free-spirited and even brave. Usually, in a situation where a person has his money, identity proofs and credit cards getting stolen, he/she would be panicking and tensed at the tip of things.

But that isn't what Nia is about. The actress had her wallet stolen which constituted her credit cards, identity proofs, and some money. However, her way of dealing with it was different than anyone else, where she posted this-

We love the way you are Nia! Don't change.
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Nia Sharma

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jerry-24 2018-11-11T06:51:58Z You are nice dear Nia Sharma
JiyaNishal 2018-11-11T05:48:10Z You are a so cool Nia Sharma2018-11-11 05:48:52
nishalluv 2018-11-11T04:47:45Z Nia Sharma you are best and bindass
nishalholic143 2018-11-11T03:52:04Z Praying that you get back your stuff Nia Sharma
NiaDiva 2018-11-11T02:53:25Z The sweet and sexy doll Nia Sharma
Hope you get back all your important things
NIALOVE 2018-11-11T01:59:05Z Nia Sharma you are bestest ...2018-11-11 01:59:50
maclean 2018-11-10T20:36:41Z Nia Sharma you are the best dear...!!
Nia_doll 2018-11-10T19:44:17Z Nia Sharma you are the best
crazylove100 2018-11-10T08:12:38Z Nia Sharma the beauty
Praying for you doll
amikool143 2018-11-10T07:25:18Z Nia Sharma you are the best...hope you get back your wallet
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