Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Armaan gets arrested

In the episode of Star Plus' show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai tonight Armaan will be seen getting arrested leaving the Poddars shocked.

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The episode commences with Kajal and Vidya attempting to console Dadi. Rohit picks up the cigarette box, addressing Dadisa. Sanjay intervenes, advising Rohit to go to his room and calm down, assuring him they can talk later. The others disperse. Abhira questions Rohit's actions, pointing out that the cigarettes were his, and she discourages him from shouldering the blame for Rohit's misdeeds. He responds, asserting his commitment as a brother. Abhira, concerned for Rohit's well-being, urges Sanjay to intervene and prevent Rohit from engaging in destructive behavior. Sanjay insists he knows what he's doing, defending his decision to support Rohit during a difficult time.

As the family discusses the matter, opinions diverge. Manisha blames Abhira, while Manoj defends her, stating that she stands for the truth. Aryan clarifies that Abhira isn't responsible for the conflict between Rohit and Armaan. Madhav reassures everyone, likening their sons to Ram and Laxman and expressing confidence that they will reconcile. Sanjay, however, attributes their troubles to Abhira's presence, leading to a tense atmosphere. Kajal remains optimistic, trusting Vidya to resolve the issues. Vidya herself pledges to fix everything, but Dadi foresees significant changes in the household.

Armaan seeks out Rohit to talk, but Rohit is nowhere to be found. Concerned for his brother, Armaan calls Rohit, but the call goes unanswered. Abhira informs Armaan about Rohit's absence, highlighting his worry. When Armaan confronts Rohit, Abhira defends Armaan, criticizing Rohit for not understanding the depth of Armaan's love. Vidya scolds Abhira for her comments, questioning her identity and right to judge Rohit. Abhira, overwhelmed, breaks down, while Rohit retreats into the house. Armaan follows him, and a confrontation ensues.

Rohit locks himself in a room, and Armaan apologizes, pleading for a chance to talk. Rohit, emotionally strained, requests a timeout, prompting Armaan to question the need for such distance. The family discusses the situation, with Vidya expressing concern about Abhira being a disruptive force. Madhav, however, defends Abhira, acknowledging her effort to adapt to their family's dynamics.

Armaan and Abhira continue to argue, and Armaan, frustrated, tapes Abhira's mouth shut, instructing her to stay put. As he leaves, he encounters Ruhi, who echoes Abhira's sentiments, suggesting that if Abhira knew the truth, she would fight for Armaan. Armaan is resistant, but Ruhi insists he's sacrificing his own happiness for the sake of his family, a realization that leaves him emotional and in tears.


Rohit seeks Dadi's help, and Armaan finds himself arrested, leaving the entire family in a state of distress.

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