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OMG! Dispute on the sets of Sony TV show over compensation for an accident...

The matter is now taken to CINTAA. Find out what happened?


Actor Ankit Shah met with an accident on the sets of Sony TV show, Peshwa Bajirao. The actor is now in immense pain and has been the subject of some major miscommunication.

It so happened that Ankit was supposed to play the grown Gotiya, a best friend to Bajirao and was shooting for the same. During the shoot, he met with an accident on the very first day while riding a horse.

Ankit, despite informing about his inability at horse riding, he was asked to ride on it. And therefore, on the very first day, he met with this mishap, thereby injuring his right arm.

Later on, he read the news about him being replaced. Ankit was not informed and to add to his miseries, he wasn't given treatment, and, on the contrary, was asked to get himself treated at his own expense which would, later on, be reimbursed. Not liking the tone in which he was talked to, he decided to be on his own and shifted to a different hospital.

And, all of this led him to approach CINTAA. He, however, was given the medical bills by the production but, because he will be out of work for the next three to four months due to his injury, he asked a for compensation. 

Currently, the matter is being looked into and the actor hopes that they are treated in a better manner given the efforts they put into the shows.

Sushant Singh, Hon. General Secretary at CINTAA also said that they have made sure about the medical bills being wavered off, and are currently trying to get Ankit some compensation.

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Mystique_Raven 3 years ago all channels want to make money but dont want to compensate when a mishap happens..this is terrible.
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