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Obstacle in Pramod-Susheela’s love life as Pramod gets into a new trouble in Kaatelal & Sons

Sony SAB’s Kaatelal & Sons has interesting twist ahead for the viewers as Pramod gets into a trouble.

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Pramod and Susheela

Courtesy : Sony LIV

Sony SAB’s Kaatelal & Sons have garnered a lot of audience attention with its unique concept.

The show focusses on gender-based discrimination as far as career choices and professions are concerned. Kaatelal & Sons revolves around two sisters Garima and Susheela breaking all stereotypes to pursue their career in hair styling. The show has a stellar star cast including Ashok Lokhande, Himakshi Ujjain, Megha Chakraborty, Jiya Shankar, Sahil Phul, Paras Arora among others.

The current track of the show revolves around Dharampal being protective towards his daughters falling in love. He gave another chance to Pramod and let him stay in the house.

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In the upcoming episode, Pramod gets a big blow after a kid claims to be his son. He hugs him and calls him his father. Later, a woman comes and claims to be Pramod’s wife. Everyone gets shocked. Specially Susheela who has just started falling for Pramod. In a moment, everything goes up and down for Susheela Pramod. Angry Susheela asks Pramod the truth but Pramod denies that he don’t even know the woman and the child. Garima holds the situation and asks for proof to the woman named Lily and she shows them wedding pictures.

Furthermore, Lily tells them about the birth mark which Pramod have and how Pramod sleeps. Susheela gets shocked to hear this and realizes that Pramod sleeps exactly the way Lily has described.  Lily warns him and asks him to accept the truth soon. Dharampal gets furious on Pramod. 

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