Now I have given up... I have failed!: Daljeet Kaur

Daljeet Kaur opens up on parting ways with Shaleen...

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Television actors Daljeet Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot are now on the line of parting ways from each other. They have been one of industry's most adorable couples but no one knew what was happening behind the scenes. 

Latest reports suggest that Daljeet has filed a case against Shaleen for torturing her mentally and physically and has filed for a divorce. It's been long post Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? that Daljeet has not done any daily soap on television but now she is looking forward to coming back to work but this time around its to raise her little one.

In conversation with TellyBuzz, Daljeet opens up about this entire issue...

I am on standstill - It's been quite a journey so far! The only thing that I know is that these days I am on a standstill phase of my life. I can't see anything in my past as well in my future. The only thing that I can see is that I have a small baby now and I have to raise him well in life. He is my only responsibility and now I am trying hard to give him a good upbringing and to manage everything alone. I want to do something well in life for my son. 

I am looking for a job whether in this industry or out of it - My parents are in Bangalore whereas I am in Mumbai now. I have been into acting since so many years and the only job I currently know now is acting.  I am open to doing some other job also apart from acting. I have to earn bread and butter for my child so I am open to enter the corporate world also for that. I am really looking forward to my comeback whether it's in this industry or out of it. I had always thought about having a great comeback and I always thought that one day I will choose among the best of offers that come my way! I felt that I have worked well in the industry so far and whenever I will make a comeback to acting, I will have a happy comeback with something good. I have a dream to do something good but it's sad that now my priority is getting good money to sustain and if with the money, I get a good role as well, then it will be a dream come true for me.  

My family and friends have been my biggest support throughout - I would say that because of some bad people, I have got to meet some good people in life. This is so true and I have realized the fact that some negative people entered into my life and have shaken my world but because of them, I got to meet so many good people as well. My family has always been there with me in every phase of my life. I have a lot of good friends in my life who have always supported me in every phase of my life. I try to hide so many things from them but somehow they get to know everything and have come to my aid. I never told anyone of them that my son Sharav is admitted in the hospital since three days because of the exhaustion but don't know how my friends came to know about it. I have a lot of people around me who love me. We get a loving family by default but we make friends. I never thought that I will have such friends in my life and I feel lucky to have them. My friends are like God to me. My family and friends are with me. I know it's going to be tough because I have the big responsibility of raising my son but I am sure if everybody's support and prayers are be with me.

Shaleen's family doesn't have any emotions towards me or my son - They are not in touch with me. They never even called me and asked me about how I am managing everything. My son has been admitted in the hospital but they are unaware about all this. They are just trying to safeguard their son. I don't think that they have any emotions for me or my son.  I have been get hurt so many times but none of Shaleen's family members have asked me about my wellbeing. May be this is life; sometimes you give everything in your life to some people but when you need them, they won't turn up to you. That's the fact of life!  

I kept forgiving Shaleen, thinking nobody in this life is perfect - My life is like an open book! I come from a middle class family. My father was into Army and he is retired from his job long back and he is getting his pensions. When Shaleen came into my life, even then he was retired. I have two sisters and both of them are married now. Even if somebody could have expected something from me, then they must be aware that I belong to a middle class family. Shaleen is short tempered by nature. I always used to think that no one in this life is perfect. So keeping this in mind, I always used to forgive him whenever he used to get aggressive with me physically or verbally. I have always been a working woman so I didn't know how to make a 100 types of cuisines.  Hence he would find faults in me and ignore all his mistakes. Even if my son would do something wrong, I would tell him about his mistakes and not let him carry on with his wrong deeds because he is my son. A good upbringing is very much important in a person's life. Now I have given up... I have failed! I have never ever let anyone know about the problems going on my side. There have been times when I have been to shoot after crying but still I never let anyone know about it because I knew that there are problems and fights between every couple. No couple has a perfect life and neither had I expected to have a perfect married life but now on the 6th year of my marriage, I have given up. Now the safety of mine and my son is very important to me. Let's see how life goes on ahead!

My fans on Twitter have been my biggest strength - I recently joined the social networking website Twitter. I would like to mention that I used to get a lot of strength through Twitter because unknown people used to understand my feelings there that I never wrote in words but here I used to say a lot of things but the people who are close to me, never used to understand. I would like to thank all my Twitter fans being my strength throughout.

My friends from the industry have always supported me - My friends from the industry have been a great support for me. They came at my home within 15 minutes when I got hurt. Whether they have accompanied me to the court or the police station, they are always with me. They always support me. All thanks to them that today I am not alone because of them even if I am alone today. My parents live in Bangalore and they are old. So I try my best to keep them little away from these things but because of the strength and support of my friends, I am able to do this. I am really lucky to have them in my life.

I don't have the power of money to fight a case - I don't know anything about my future. I don't have finance, power or strength. Whether I will go to the court or not, I know that I have lost it because I don't have money to get good lawyers for me. I have earned a lot at some time but I spent them all on Shaleen and on my home. I never felt the need to save them but now I feel that I should have saved some money. I think now God will guide me ahead in life if he has made me reach till here. I am looking forward to life with this hope but I have already lost it because I don't have the power of money.

Sharav and I have always been alone - Only he can tell what his statement I tried a lot to hold my family together' means! I have caught him cheating; I have the photos and videos of him which shows that. I don't know whose family he was supporting. Sharav and I have always been alone since the time of my pregnancy.

I couldn't judge Shaleen well before my marriage - Shaleen was very good before our marriage. I loved a person who was very down to earth and he came from a small city. He had been a vegetarian for two years but later on I came to know that he has started eating Chicken. The person I loved and with whom I got married are two different people. It might have been my fault that I couldn't judge him correctly.  

Speak up for yourself and take a stand against such things - It took me five long years to speak up. I would like to say that speak up and take a stand as soon as you get to face any such things. Never suffer as it will make you weak. One should compromise with things in life but never take any kinds of physical or mental torture by anyone on you. I have faced a lot of torture and taunts in these years but I always used to think that one day my love would win over it. If I will love him and my in laws then everything will be well. I think one should never take any such things because then people will suppress you.

Stay strong Daljeet! 

Anwesha Kamal

Daljiet Kaur Shaleen Bhanot Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 

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Bharathi_gurti 5 years ago Oh god she brought tears in me. Salute top your decision. Stay strong. Good bless you
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christi002 5 years ago Stay strong and all the very best... our good wishes are with you... God Bless you and your son.
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-evan- 5 years ago It's really a sad news. I hope she finds the strength to face the challenges of life. May God bless her.
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appy_19 5 years ago Omg daljeet is such a sweet person. god plz give her strength to fight wid every situation.. i hope she comes back with a good role and full fill all her needs.. Daljeet we r wid you ! (our "dolly" ipkknd team named her )
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SwrlngElephants 5 years ago We all love you Allah will help you. Ameen
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lara3110 5 years ago All the very best Daljeet. You will win.. God Bless you and your son.
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kavmuks 5 years ago I hope she gets some god show that helps her to sustain .. she is cute looking and can act also.. I loved her in IPKKND - I
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kbtr 5 years ago My good wishes are with you. Hope all works out for you and your baby. It is courageous of you in a place like India (where women are insidiously treated as second class citizens but where everyone will deny this!) to brave a front like this.
Good Luck!
My prayers are with you, Daljeet.
And oh by the way, doing what you are is not failure! Not at all!2015-07-02 11:31:34
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kashishk 5 years ago Stay strong and God keep you blessed and shower you both with happiness.
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urs_kkgsr 5 years ago Stay strong daljeet ! My prayers are with you and Shaarav.. You will rise above this.
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