'No Public voting is the best for a reality show' - Karan Wahi

Karan Wahi, the handsome 'Remix' lad is back to small screen after nearly one and half years, with the reality show on Sony, Mr. and Ms. Television.Catch the star in action..

Karan Wahi, the handsome Ranveer from Remix is back on the small tube with the latest reality show on Sony, Mr. and Ms. Television.

Why this long hibernation period? “I was really exhausted and needed a break after Remix. Plus I had such a satisfactory stint in Remix, I did not want to take up projects where my role is not good”, says Karan. Apparently, he was also busy with few big-screen projects during this time. “Unfortunately, none of them materialized. But I don't have any regrets as I am back to the small screen now with this show. I am considering some other projects as well”, says the handsome actor.

The reality show he is participating in, involves him singing as well. We have seen him as a good actor, but how confident is he with singing? "Well...I can dance pretty well, but am not so confident about singing! You have to listen to me and tell me! My buddies feel I am pretty bad at it!" confesses Karan. Since Mr. and Ms. Television is not based on audience poll, does it turn out to be a disadvantage for him? "Actually, I feel this method (of not having voting) is fairer, because the audience always votes for their favorite contestant and as a result, more deserving candidates lose out."

One good news, for all of Karan's fans is that they are going to see him in a new look. "I have experimented with my looks for all this while and have decided on a new look after trying out various options like growing a beard, long hair etc," explains Karan.

Did he make any special friend in these one and a half years? "You have to believe me, because my friends do not. I am not dating anyone!, comes the reply from the young lad.

Author: Srabanti Chakrabarti

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oh ur experiment is successful as u luked killing in it . u .

12 years ago

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww mannnnn im soooooooo happy he back:D..haiiiii am loving his new look!...hes toooooooo cute,buff,hot!..

he is a lady killer for sure!:D

x Mrs.KaranSinghGrover x

15 years ago

thanxxx he was rly good in yesterdays epi

15 years ago

nice pic.
i loved him in Remix hope he and Shweta teams up again :)

15 years ago

yeah karan waz rely gd his dance waz da best der!!!!lolz prem 4rm kausauti waznt 2 bd!!!any gr8 choice of song!!!enjoy'd every bit!!!!!!
karan all da!!!!!!

15 years ago

he is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute...i love him and karan

15 years ago

oh god when will Mr and Miss forum open..we can't discuss it here n there

15 years ago

he;s looking really cute in the pic...and i am glad he's waiting for sum good roles to come...

d reality show is damn good..and karan was excellent..he was amazing as ranveer in remix..i am sure he will be good in this too...

thanx for the lovely interview..he's cute

15 years ago

aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww ma karan luks so cutee mannnnnnn how can sum1 b so cute so charming who steals girls heartt mannn truely said by raj bhaiya he is a ladyy killleer luk at him mannn he is luking so cuteee.....sum1 handle me b4 i faint mannnnnn i cant gt ma eyes from him

15 years ago

some say no judges r better n some say no public voting is better..hehe

15 years ago

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