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No mountain too big for Karan Sharma

Another name on the long list of those who’ve dared to dream big and made it, is Karan Sharma aka Aniruddh, the new entrant in Star Plus’ Baa Bahu Aur Baby.

Published: Wednesday,Sep 16, 2009 15:56 PM GMT-06:00
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Karan Sharma
who plays Aniruddh, a blind character in Star Plus's and Hats Off Productions' Baa Bahu Aur Baby sure can relate to his character, as he is well acquainted with handicaps in life.

No mountain too big for Karan Sharma
Karan says, "I have reached this stage after facing my big sack of trouble. First of all I hail from a typical middle-class family. My father Mr. Ramkumar Sharma is a farmer in Rishikesh and my mother Urmila is a homemaker. Ours is a simple family with no inclination towards the entertainment industry whatsoever."

He adds, "I took my steps towards acting through theater. My journey started from a small village in Rishikesh to Delhi and now Mumbai –the entertainment capital of our country."

This journey has not been easy. Karan says, "I had faced a lot of rejections. People used to tell me- You need to brush up your acting skills. You don't fit the bill. And much more… There were days when I didn't have enough money to buy food. But thankfully my friends helped me get through the day. Ranjit, Gautam and Sonu…I owe you all."

Karan can therefore relate to his character Aniruddh who faces lots of hardship due to his inability to see. Karan says, "For one thing, I know what it's like when life puts a mountain of a problem in front of you. I also know that there is a way around it. So when I got to know I have to portray Aniruddh I was simply elated! I enthusiastically prepared myself for the role. I read various books and practiced with a blindfold around my eyes."

In Baa Bahu aur Baby, Karan Sharma will now play Baby's new friend. The two meet at a marriage bureau where the duo has registered themselves in special categories. Baby has registered in the polio afflicted category and Anirudh in the visually impaired group. Both of them will be seen becoming fond of each other.

All in all, Karan is enjoying every minute of his life now. He says, "I have a very good time on my sets. My director and I have a wonderful rapport. The production house treats everyone with respect."

But what's most important to Karan is that as the eldest child of his family he has managed to make his parents and siblings proud. "He says, I have three younger sisters and a younger brother. Now they all can look up to me and believe in their own dreams. After all, if a farmer's son can lure the limelight, is anything impossible?"

So there's another story for us not to give up on our dreams…

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose
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noe23 @noe23 14 years ago Like your acting and your character. It is great knowing that you have done good despite of all the difficulties. All the best with everything.
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Preeti @-Preeti- 14 years ago interesting
he's a great actor ...and i love him in BBB
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hindu4lyf @hindu4lyf 14 years ago He seems like a great guyy.
Thanks for the article.
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Shraddha @tia23 14 years ago Ya he is in Jyoti, brother of Pankaj (Sarvar Ahuja).
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sunidhifan4evr @sunidhifan4evr 14 years ago my parents can relate to this they had these kind of days while i lived with my aunt my dad doesnt have one eye our family business wasn't running well they lacked for food for days at time so I cannt imagine how sad that might be but it must be dishearting but i m sure everythings gonna be fine karan
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