No Bigg Boss for Maria Susairaj..

With news circulating about Maria Susairaj being approached for Bigg Boss, Colors comes out with a clarification...

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Maria Susairaj, as we know has been in the news ever since the verdict of Neeraj Grover murder case has gone in her favor. Though found guilty, the aspiring actress has been let off with a minimal punishment of three years, which she has already served.

Even though there is a hue and cry about her let off, the news making rounds is that Ram Gopal Varma wants to cast her for his next film based on the murder of Grover. If this is not enough, there was a buzz that Maria has been approached by Colors for the controversial show, Bigg Boss 5.

However, the latest is that Colors has come up with a clarification on the same saying, "There are numerous speculative stories on Maria Susairaj's participation in Big Boss 5, we would like to clarify that we have neither approached Maria nor will be doing so in future".

Guess Maria has to wait a bit longer to get famous on television...

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Stellar.A 9 years ago @sweet7863

Maria's boyfriend Jerome allegedly found her in a compromising position with Neeraj and murdered him. They later chopped him into hundreds of pieces and disposed off the body,behaving as if they knew nothing.

The court sentenced Maria's boyfriend to 10yrs rigorous imprisonment, as they regarded the murder as having been done in a "jealous rage". Maria, as an accomplice was given 3 yrs which she has already served.

The film and TV fraternity as well as the general public have been opposing the minimal sentence given the inhuman nature of the crime and assert that Neeraj's murder was committed in cold blood. They allege that this is a planned murder committed on account of Neeraj not casting her in a TV show.
This is what I understood from the newspapers!2011-07-05 03:41:40
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sweet7863 9 years ago whats the story with Neeraj Grover, can sum1 tell me??
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kooliio 9 years ago What's up with bollywood?? Making all the murderers famous and all...first it was sanjay dutt...then monika bedi and now this girl...there are tons of talented and most of all innocent girls out there...go cast them!
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supercool3 9 years ago seriously, why are such people getting this much attention?

people like her are a disgrace to society ... it's horrible enough that she's getting away with such a crime...

Colors should not spoil their reputation by getting such people on their shows
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yipee 9 years ago pathetic that she gets such offers after committing such a crime
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-DoAsInfinity- 9 years ago she gets all dese attention after murdering???Geekwow a new way to become famousErmmn y do reality shows wanna have dese kinda ppl in der show??Stern Smileu guys can take a worthy commoner atleast...v dont mind watching dem u know!!!
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JustNihaaa 9 years ago achcha hua... she should be hanged in the public... so that public decide wat to do with her Angry Angry
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nuttycleo 9 years ago Thank God they didnt take her nor intend to take her anytime soon (4 once,pls stick to this decision!!) After all, he was from the TV fraternity..so show some compassion for one of your own!
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.Jane.. 9 years ago Ermm...what can I say except 'No comments'?
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-BrokenDreamer- 9 years ago Murderers are Getting FreedOm..wHERE DOES justice Go?...n yeah Y the hell need of Such criminals in any shows...y they are getting son importance...they all they need is HANG!!...2011-07-04 04:27:55
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