Nishant Malkani lends a helping leg!

Nishant Malkani’s tall form comes to the rescue of crew members of Star One’s Miley Jab Hum Tum…

Thanks to Nishant Malkani's generous height the crew members of Star One's Miley Jab Hum Tum get a big dollop of help!

According to our source, "Whenever someone can't reach up to fix something, Nishant offers to help. It seems like Nishant is the walking talking ladder of the sets!"

Nishant tells us, "Ha ha. It's true. Who told you about that? It's actually happened a lot these past few days when we were shooting for the Valentine's Day special episode."

He elaborates, "There were big hearts hanging from the ceiling. And they were waiting for the ladder to fix one of those which had come off. I had my makeup on and was waiting for the shot. Not really being busy with anything, I just went over and tried to help. I did not need any ladder and I could reach it just like that, so I did it. I feel I don't become a small person by helping my crew members."

Nishant goes on to confess that he may have some personal agenda hidden behind his 'help' too! "The second time that I offered help was for a tube-light. Again they were waiting for the ladder. I was tired and wanted the pack up to happen soon. So I just went and tried my hand and thankfully it was fixed. Because of this everybody's time got saved," says Nishant.

He further tells us, "I am a part of this show and I want to it to grow, sustain and I will do all my best to achieve it."

He signs off with a message (that's taken up by the show too) for his fans, "Guys, never tease a girl or a woman. And do not 'allow' it to happen too!"

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (21)

dudes please get me some news about mohit sehgal as i m MOHIT'S FAN no. 1!

13 years ago

very nice .......hats off nishant !!!!
talk about helping .....who's the person to ask ?

14 years ago

that's nice of him hehee...oke tht's a big LOL!!
shows the pros and cons of being tall:P:P

14 years ago

he is such a sweetheart!!!
atleast he is aware tht no1 becomes a small person by helping around spot people or by doing silly,small,odd jobs!!!!!

14 years ago

that's what we call a manner...
you are the best nish... I am proud of you..

14 years ago

am a big mohit fan
mohit ke kisse sunao yaar

14 years ago

Dear whatever you want to do for Gunjan do it quickly so she will get well soon

14 years ago

Haha..this is sweet...
He was an added advantage of his height!!!

14 years ago

That's sweet and he's so cute and adorable!

14 years ago

awwhh so sweet of him! Adhaani are quite cute actually!! i like them <3

14 years ago

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