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Nisha and Kabir to romance on Nisha Aur Uske Cousins!

Nisha will try and propose Kabir on his birthday...


Here comes a moment of surprise for all the fans of Nisha Aur Uske Cousins!

We all know that Nisha (Aneri Vajani) has finally realized that she is in love with Kabir (Mishkat Verma) and hopes to express her feelings to him on his birthday.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see how Nisha along with his friends will apply a cake on him and celebrate his birthday with much excitement.

But here's a twist!

In the midst of Kabir's birthday celebrations, the duo will end up getting cozy with each other.

How? Read on.

Nisha will wear a beautiful salwar kameez which will leave Kabir in awe of her. He will romance in a subtle way thereby making her realize that he loves her a lot. On the other hand, Nisha will try and propose her love to Kabir.

While the couple are enjoying their togetherness, there comes a shocker as Viraj (Taher Shabbir) will plan to reveal Nisha and Kabir's contract marriage to the Gangwals and ask Ramesh (Vivek Mushran) for his daughter's hand.

Will they be able to confess their love for each other? Will Viraj be successful in creating a rift between the duo?

We contacted Mishkat Varma who said, "I do not want to spill the beans as there is an interesting drama lined up ahead."

Aneri Vajani refused to comment.

Stay tuned for the episode to unfold tonight!


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jaanmeri 5 years ago I am waiting for Kabir to develop feelings for Nisha.
anukrislavu 5 years ago Taher Shabbir Rocks all round artist
Love the person he is
zaara610 5 years ago Love you loads MISHKAT VARMA && ANERI VAJANI.. keep rocking as Nibir..!!!!
Echo.of.Hope 5 years ago cant wait for tmrw's epi where this will actually happen!!!!
finally kb's feelings r showing!!!
sun2011 5 years ago Love Love Aneri Vajani aka Nisha and Mishkat Varma aka Kabir and NAUC overall a great show - always wait for it and search to read more about it and look for off-screen interviews and news about the cast and the lovely cute jodi who have crackling chemistry by just being in a scene together with or without dialogues.2015-05-02 08:19:00
g2000 5 years ago I love this show so much. I am not able to watch this show due to the change in the timings of the repeat show. I am their great fan and since I am not able to watch it , immediately after the show gets over I download the serial and watch it. My parents don't allow me to watch it but I love this serial so much that I download it and wait till 1o clock at night so that everyone goes to sleep and then I watch it . I love their sizzling chemistry on screen2015-05-02 04:28:07
iheartu 5 years ago Love Kabir & Nisha together. Started watching this show only for Nibir. Never had any interest neither got inclined to watch NAUC before the charming Kabira joined in the cast. He is amazing on & off screen.
prachi_l 5 years ago Love Mishkat Varma and Aneri Vajani
loving NIBIR
jaanmeri 5 years ago Mishkat & Aneri are amazing !
Hope Mr.Viraj doesn't create issues which will be dragged forever.
SONAL30 5 years ago mishkat varma and aneri vajani u both r amazing as nibir
see more