Nigaar Khan latest victim to stress

Nigaar Khan aka Rajbala of Star Plus’ Mitwa is the latest addition to a long list of telly stars who’ve given in to exhaustion on the sets.

The recent incident on Star Plus Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke indicates the amount of stress telly stars, especially those working in daily soaps go through…

According to our source, "Actress Nigaar Khan suddenly got severe chest pain on the sets. The pain was very unbearable for her and she sort of just collapsed."

We spoke to the lead actor Mohit Malhotra who says, "Yes, Nigaar did have some trouble yesterday. It's become a norm in this profession, people either passing out or getting severe aches etcetera, due to extreme work pressure."

However things aren't that bad. Mohit says, "Immediately Nigaar was given first aid. And she is fine as she has reported to the sets today."

Hope Nigaar takes time to slow down…

Reporter:Susan Jose, Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (9)

Aww Bless dnt wrk soo hard yaar :)<br/>my cousins are soo sweet they think that Nigaar is really Rajbala and that she is the evil badi bahu of a Mamchand chaudhary parivaar who does uch and neech jaat atiyachaar :) i can't satop talking about Raunak Ahuja (Tejas) so whenever i mention his name they always say evil maa ka Angel Beta i mean it's shoooo Cute and + Nigaar is really Pretty :)!!!!!

14 years ago

aww bless! ppl shd take btr care of themselves and dnt wrk so much, i knw we want to see our shws, but we hv to understand that our stars have lots of pressure on them! and its nt good!

14 years ago

WoW...Thats Realli Horrible Yaar! No Matter How Much we Love Our Shows and Fav Actors..they Hve So Much Stress And Pressure! :( Anywyz...Hopefully Shes Feeling Gud~

14 years ago

wo she is really pretty ,, anwyay get wll soon

14 years ago

Will the film live upto the book? no idea..

Are you as audiences looking forward to the movie? m jus waitin for its release

Does the star cast fit the characters you had once read about? a sincere No... only sharman fits... n gul panag and amrita arora to sum extent.. dunno bout militry uncle... n sohail n isha koppikar bad choice

Share with us....

15 years ago

tht book is really good, jst luv it
i wonder if the film will be same as tht

15 years ago

i cant wait for the luks sooo interesting!!

15 years ago

oh gosh I love this book!!!
I can't wait for the movie...

15 years ago

i have read the novel one night@call center
it is a lovely book
and i would like to watch it as a movie
but this much i can say tth movie wont match up to the novel

15 years ago

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