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Nia Sharma slams Devoleena for her comments on her support to Pearl V Puri

Bhattacharjee lashed out at the celebrities and asked them to go on hunger strike and much more to show their support towards Puri instead of sharing tweets on Twitter.

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The Pearl V Puri saga has shattered one and all where the actor, as of now is still in custody and while majority of the industry has come out in his support, there are a select few who have slammed those supporting him. One of them has been actor Devoleena Bhattacharjee, who criticized the celebrities who have extended support to Pearl V Puri amidst the controversy surrounding his arrest. The actor lashed out at the celebrities and asked them to go on hunger strike and much more to show their support towards Puri instead of sharing tweets on Twitter.

And now, Nia Sharma, who was amongst the ones who came out in support of Puri - has went on to express her opinion and lashed out at Bhattacharjee with her wit and sarcasm. Sharma tweeted, “Didi ko koi bata do dharna and candle march nahi kar sakte pandemic hai abhi bhi. Also Didi needs to  practice her dance before she makes those pathetic dance reels thinking she’s nailing them.”-

We wonder if Bhattacharjee will have something to say to this now.

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RadiantSpark 7 days ago Looks like Nia Sharma's fan has written this article. Too one sided. Coming to the issue, all I can say is, "Have some sensibility, Nia."
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gurl-enchanted 7 days ago Whoever wants to support should support. Jisko nahi karna mat karo. Why poke your nose in what others are doing and taunt them? Devo can question Nia for talking about “privileged” ladies when she speaks about a young child, but don’t question why she is supporting Pearl. He is her friend. Nia and others have full rights to support him, believing he is right. Rest the courts will decide.
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Daechwita 7 days ago Did Nia Sharma ghost write this biased article?
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Ktptalks 7 days ago This article is written with only one sided information. Please do proper research before posting an article.
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Neon9 7 days ago This article seems so one sided. IF you better put the arguments of both the ladies. By the way i have no words for Nia Sharma it seems like she had lost her sensibility although she never had one. And personal remarks at Devo was just so cheap.
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Ktptalks 7 days ago Nia made personal comments to Devoleena which is degrading. I believe Nia Sharma is out of touch with reality. She is saying can't do candle marches or protest. Across India there are protest going on each and every day.Doesn't she remembers that there rallies and elections in her country.Farmers protest still going on.I am not a citizen of India yet I know what's going on in her country. That is called General knowledge which clearly Nia doesn't have. She is brainless, senseless and heartless..
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zara_112 7 days ago Devoleena already replied to her. Wish you included both parts of the argument
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