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Nia Sharma feels celebrities being 'preachy' about COVID-19 vaccine is nonsense

Nia Sharma expressed what she feels about the woke celebrities comment that she recently made.

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Nia Sharma had recently spoken about how celebrities have been talking about taking the vaccination and she seems to be rather annoyed about it since the vaccines don't seem to be available at centers. While she expressed this on social media, the actress has now opened up on what she meant.

Nia told Hindustan Times how everything is a mess and everyone has been trying to do their bit. She added how she stopped using social media given how overwhelming it gets. The actress revealed how she is proud of celebrities likes Priyanka Chopra for working on raising funds at a global level and if she says that go get registered for the vaccine, it does make sense, however, those who haven't done much and don't know a lot but being preachy is nonsense. Nonetheless, she did say how she did not wish to take a dig on anyone.

She added, ''Julia Roberts doesn’t have 10 million followers on Instagram but she is world phenomenon. So having followers on Instagram is a farce if you don’t have connect or reach with your audiences. People who think with 15 or 20 million fans, they are stars, they are not. Today, everyone knows they are supposed to wear masks and how to wear one. So, I don’t need to make a video educating people on the need to wear or how to wear one. TV guys ka hoopla thoda zyada hota hai.

She added further how people have been simply talking about the developments and the vaccinations without knowing what is the real on-ground scenario and it is insensitive. She added how everyone just wants to look woke and that is why they have been making videos but they need to slow down and stop misleading people.

Nia Sharma

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Muskie 3 months ago Ye itni serious topic ke discussion me social media followers ki baat kahan se aagayi????😑
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incrediblycute 3 months ago Atleast they are doing something!! And there are people who follow their idols/TV stars blindly or try to learn from them. So, it's actually helpful.
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Ktptalks 3 months ago Ok...i agree but what has she done to help the citizens? Groceries? Oxygen? Education? Anything?
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