Anupamaa: Choti feels envious of Pari's gifts

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Choti feels envious of Pari's extra gifts, and despite reassurance, she rejects her own gift.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Baa seeks assurance from Kinjal (Nidhi Shah) about the safety and nutritional value of the food, raising concerns about added chemicals. She nostalgically reminisces about grinding wheat and spices daily in the village and emphasizes the health benefits of fresh food cooked on a traditional Chula. Kinjal, however, dismisses the feasibility of such practices in the present.

Baa recounts the challenges of raising four children without modern conveniences like diapers, highlighting the importance of providing fresh food. She questions the responsibility of parenthood and challenges Kinjal's perspective on modern parenting. Kinjal expresses the desire to visit her mother, but Baa reminds her of Vanraj's (Sudhanshu Pandey) prohibition against Anupama's (Rupali Ganguly) presence in their home, leaving Kinjal shocked.

On the other hand, Anuj tells Choti that Anupama got gifts for Pari since Pari is the youngest. He asks Choti what she wants. Anupama gives Choti an arts and crafts book, and she happily calls her mom the best. However, Choti feels jealous seeing more gifts for Pari. Choti questions why Pari has more gifts, and Anuj explains that Anupama decided to give all festival and birthday gifts together for Pari, who won't be around. Anuj reassures Choti that they can get her whatever she wants, but Choti is upset and rejects the gift. Anuj plans to talk to Choti, while Anupama notes these small things indicate a change in Choti's behaviour. Kinjal, in a conversation with Baa, expresses the reliance on Anupama's help in the past and vows to meet her mother despite Vanraj's restrictions. Baa disapproves, asserting the need to follow Vanraj's rules.

Meanwhile, Titu decides to leave, citing potential complications in Dimple's life due to his presence. They bid an emotional farewell, expressing a willingness to stay in touch. Anupama discusses Pari's birthday celebration with Anuj, and despite concerns about Vanraj's disapproval, she affirms her decision to attend.

Anupama prepares for the birthday celebration, and Vanraj plans an extravagant party. Toshu and Kinjal express gratitude towards their family and assure Vanraj that they won't forget their roots. Anupama, on her way to the celebration, pauses, reflecting on Vanraj's previous remarks. Anuj calls her, offering support and encouragement.

The birthday party begins joyfully, with Vanraj welcoming his boss and son. Baa notices Vanraj's interest in Dimple. Meanwhile, Anupama hesitates but ultimately decides to attend the celebration. Anuj calls Anupama, urging her to return if she feels uncomfortable.

Precap: Anupama arrives at the party, but Vanraj reacts angrily. Malti Devi hopes for Anupama's humiliation, and Vanraj publicly insults her, insisting that she leave. Kinjal defends Anupama, revealing that she invited her, but Vanraj remains adamant about her departure, leading to Anupama's dignified exit.

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Besharam Anupamaa. 2 din ke liye aayi hui Pari ke liye poori dukaan khareed laayi aur Choti ke liye ek drawing book. Why her lectures on saving money only apply to Anuj/Ca and don't apply when spending on shameless shahs? Ye aurat kabhi nahi sudhregi. Yamraj ji isko jaldi lejao

4 months ago

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