Newcomer eliminated in Bigg Boss

Another surprise on Bigg Boss as a newcomer has been eliminated …

Some people are just not meant to be in the Bigg Boss' house on Colors' and Endemol's Bigg Boss, as a newcomer who has just been an inmate for a week has been ousted!

According to our source, "Vinod Kambli has been eliminated. He was naturally disappointed that his stay ended so soon. He didn't react at all and kept quite all the way after the announcement."

Adds the source, "Vinod was very close to Raju Shrivastav. Their comedy timings genuinely matched."

Five contestants were nominated- Aditi, Bakhtiar, Pravesh, Claudia, Vinod and Rohit.

It was expected that Rohit would be eliminated as his back biting nature was revealed recently. However, the show never ceases to surprise us.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Vinod Kambli

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Comments (9)

Colors is a channel without any morals or scrupples, this channel should be banned from broadcasting in India. Period.!!

14 years ago

Na, I think big boss wants rohit to stay atleast a week with KRK..... and I thought Vindoo would be kicked out for his pushing and dragging of KRK... if KRK can be kicked out for throwing an empty bottle, Vindoo actually grabbed KRK's arm and hit him behind his neck while pushing him.... he should be kicked out now....

14 years ago

tahts a surprise
even i thought it would be rohit

14 years ago

well ya newcomer should be out not fair 2 the others

14 years ago

I had strong feeling that he will be eliminated, coz he doesn't talk much, people like the loud and nautanki people in the house and they vote for them..........

14 years ago

he was a really nice guy but not entertaining enough to stay in the show..

14 years ago

ohh my wish was granted...vinod kambli was darn boring...good hes out i wanted him to only go...thank god pravesh and rohit r in...i enjoy pravesh's comedy and offcourse hes a hunk!!! woooo

14 years ago

its so bad for vinod
I wish rohit was out

14 years ago

but rohit should have been kicked out of his house... i m hating this....

14 years ago

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