New York Film Academy calls Sharad Malhotra..

Sharad Malhotra is off to USA for an acting program at Universal Studios, Hollywood..

In his earlier interview to Telly Buzz, Sharad Malhotra of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann fame had disclosed his plans of undertaking a course in acting very soon!!

And as planned, the actor has now flown to USA to be part of an acting program.

Sharad sent a text message to Telly Buzz expressing his excitement at being selected for the course. "I have just left for the USA; had applied and got chosen for a two months film acting program at the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, Universal Studios, Hollywood. I am very excited and hope to do well in this. I will need all the prayers and wishes of my fans. I promise them that I will be back, bigger (smiles)", states Sharad.

The actor will acquire knowledge of being in front of the camera as well as behind it. "80% of the course will have me facing the camera while the rest will be involved in the making", conveys the actor via text message.

We wish Sharad all the very best for his new venture and hope he comes out with flying colors!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Ssharad Malhotra

Comments (43)

all the best sharad..
but i miss u sooooooooooooo...much
i luv u

14 years ago

awee he's soooo cute(:

i'll miss seeing him on tv everyday!

14 years ago

ahhh!! yes this mega sexy beast will be in hollywood!! but to tell u the truth..banoo was interesting like in the middle, but now its just kinda boring. (but diya is supperr cutee:))

14 years ago

Allte very very best, i hope you'll come back to television... :D

14 years ago

omg i hope i bump in to him. that would be sooo cool.. lol.. i feel like one of those crazy fans.. lmao.. awwnn but serously good luck sharad..

14 years ago

Best of luck Sharad.........but please come to Canada. I m dying to meet u....

14 years ago

aww! good like to him...ahah i agree with minipwincesz ..come to canada!!

14 years ago

Good luck my sweet love! All the very best to you!

14 years ago

awesome my sjruu in holly wood im gonna come to ny to meet

14 years ago

greatest !!!!!!!!!!!! dyin to see u with ur dulhann again!!!!!!!!!!

14 years ago

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