New shows - Hits and Misses!

A bunch of daily soaps were launched around three months back. We take a look at what’s happening in each of them and whether they have progressed or have been dragging on and on.

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It's been almost three months that we had some new shows hitting the Television screens across all channels. In the age of finite series and seasonal shows these are in the daily soap category which are bound to go on and on. We thought of just looking at what is it that these shows promised at the launch and where do they stand today. While checking the progress of the story it can be noted that in some most of the tracks are either dragged on and on and not much has been accomplished over the months.

Doli Armaanon Ki produced by Spellbound Productions on Zee TV launched on 2nd Dec 2013 - Starting with the shaadi ki tayyari for darling daughter Urmi (Neha Marda) who is to get married to the very arrogant Samrat (Mohit Malik) the show has slowly but steadily progressed with the story. Samrat who is shown to be a violent husband shatters all of Urmi's dreams of getting married to Mr. Right. In fact he is all of Mr. Wrong as he goes on an insulting spree with all whether it is his own family, Urmi or Urmi's family.

Not one to mince words in the latest episode we see him raise his hand on Urmi who finally decides to take matter in her hands and walks out of the house. While the story had the potential to show women empowerment there were many missed opportunities as the track took twists and turns losing focus. However, now it seems to have found its path and we hope it goes on the right track.

  • Ye Hai Mohabbatein produced by Balaji Telefilms on Star Plus launched on 3rd Dec 2013 - This was a mature love story between two neighbors who have to get married for the sake of a child. With the North and South divide too being highlighted, Raman Bhalla (Karan Patel) who is about to get divorced gets married to his neighbor Ishita (Divyanka Tripathy) to keep the custody of his little daughter Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan).

The story has progressed on fast which is the USP of the show along with the chemistry between the lead pair. While Divyanka's acting is the best of the show the worst is veteran actress Neena Kulkarni who plays Divyanka's mother is too much overacting.

Ek Nayi Pehchaan produced by Jay Productions on Sony TV launched on 23rd Dec 2013 - This was a show on women empowerment where the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law were supposed to be friends rather than enemies. They were supposed to encourage and support each other so we had the mother-in-law teach the lessons of value and virtue to her bahu and in turn the dutiful bahu with a fresh and modern outlook towards life wanted her saas to educate herself. Well, we can say that the show has so far been on the right track so the saas is learning well while the bahu is learning the simple lessons of life without getting into clashes with each other. We like!
Rangrasiya produced by Tequila Shots on Colors launched on 30th Dec 2013 - The show which started as a violent love story had a very strong background of violent emotions and expressions with a chance to weave a tender love story between the BSD officer Rudra (Ashish Sharma) and Paro (Sanaya Irani). The show started off with the wedding of Paro to another guy who gets killed at the hands of Rudra and at present due to forced circumstances we have her getting married to Rudra with the Thakur Tejawat (Tarun Khanna) trying to stop her and wanting to kill her.

The story here seems to have progressed well but then after two and half months on air we again have Paro in the same bridal avatar and Rudra unfortunately has the same expressions on his face for all emotions and scenes. To get in more drama Rudra's family has been introduced and the story sometimes unnecessarily wavers into details about their relationship. While the couple's chemistry is undoubtedly the USP of the show, a little tightening of the story and characters is needed here.

Beintehaa produced by Fortune Productions on Colors launched on 30th Dec - Now this one is the best of the lot! This one too started with a wedding - that of Aaliya (Preetika Rao) but instead of the arranged match she finds herself getting married to her cousin Zain (Harshad Arora). The two strictly feel that they are not meant for each other and just like childhood days end up teasing and taunting the other. However, slowly they seem to have had started having feelings and the couple looks lovely as they play their emotions well.

The handsome Harshad Arora has sure got a huge lot of female fan followers and the doe eyed Preetika too has managed quite a fan following. Apart from the pyaara nok-jhonk of the couple what makes this show stand out is the supporting cast which complements it. The story too seems to have been going on at good speed without dragging the tracks. It is in fact a show without the regular masala yet keeping you entertained and making you feel what happens next.

  • Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya produced by Director's Kut Productions on Zee TV launched on 6th Jan 2014 - This is the slowest of the lot. The story which started with finding the match to Avni's (Kanchi Singh) brother seems to have gone into a time wrap with the shaadi happening now after two and half months! The elaborate shaadi preparations makes it look like a long running wedding trailer of a typical Barjatya film. Everyone is so sugary sweet and the only one villain who comes on and off falls flat. In fact the entire show seems to be going on in slow motion mode and it needs to speed up the tracks.

The hero Raj (Mishkat Varma) is still open mouthed with wonder and awe struck about the girl trying to woo her old fashioned style while Avni in the latest episode is still mouthing dialogues which she used to say even in the first episode. She still dreams about finding love and the perfect match and now even as her brother's wedding finally gets over after almost three months we have her parents talking about her shaadi. So gear up once again for another shaadi which will keep everyone occupied for the next three months!

Seema Khot Mattoo


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Haridas 5 years ago Ashish Sharma pls come back soon on TV.
Sanaya Irani all the best for JDJ8
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srija.singh04 6 years ago Okay, I will just quote the rankings from the forum itself,
Ek Nayi Pehchan- 26
Yeh Hain Mohabatein- 4
Aur Pyar ho gaya- 34
Baintehan- 5
Rangrasiya- 1

So, everyone numbers speak for themselves, I don't really need to say that Rang-rasiya is the best of the lot coz it is. And beintehaan, like really! The woman fake smile and guys fixed fake frown is what u call acting then I really have nothing to say to you.

Oh! And it goes without saying, Sanaya Irani rocks!
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mehreenkhan 6 years ago Sanaya Irani You are an incredible talent..you acting is so natural as Paro...Keep on rocking !..Love you Loadz
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Pirated_Fun 6 years ago I was surprised to see Ek Nayee Pahechan and Beinteha ..Both are good ,because i did not expect much..RR is a big disappointment ...It could have been much better had they not make it same angry hero and sweet heroine story
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aditiyuvi 6 years ago love rangrasiya and yeh hain mohobattein...
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Bibigul 6 years ago Beintehaa is my favourite show :) Love everything about Beintehaa :D starting from the cast,concept,lines ,everything
Vote for Beintehaaa :) the Number 1 show!
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Rozzzy123 6 years ago Beintehaa is the best no matter how much people do negative comments...reviewer has posted it correctly.RR is so boring.Sanaya having same expression through out.Preetika and Harshad are the cutest couple on the block.My whole family has changed their loyalties frm star plus to colors Beintehaa
Reply thumbs-up 9 thumbs-down
Dramacraze 6 years ago rangrasiya...!!!is always roaring d screen...i'm loving tat show...sanaya n ashish rockzzz2014-03-30 00:29:35
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arhi_sarun 6 years ago Sanaya Irani you are the best...you doing Awesome in RR, love watching you in RR!
RR rocks...and YHM is also nice!

BI..is boring, when i see that show i feel sleepy. The leads have poor acting skills ,the girl has the same expression for every scene.
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-Bubble- 6 years ago BE intehaaa Rockss..

Luv u Preetika and Harshad..

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