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New entry in Saathiya Saath Nibhana..

Star Plus' Saathiya will see the entry of Dhaval Pandya who will provide for some light moments in the show..

Star Plus' Saathiya Saath Nibhana, the #1 show across all GECs will see a new entry in tonight's episode. Ashish Sharma who was earlier seen in a negative role of Aseem in Karam Apna Apna will enter the show and will play the character of Dhaval Pandya.

As per our source, "Dhaval will enter the Gopi house in today's episode. He is the person who will be brought in by Urmi Mami. He will look to be a honest and extra sweet character, but will turn out to be a very greedy guy who aims to get more money. As he enters the house, he gets fascinated by their richness".

The character of Dhaval will also introduce a light moment in the show. He will bring in the humour quotient and will have a good interaction with all in the family. However he is afraid of the super strict Kokila Ben.

When contacted, Ashish Sharma confirmed his entry in Saathiya. "Yes, I am playing the character of Dhaval Pandya. You should watch to know how the story goes now".

Ashish was recently seen in the Madhur Bhandarkar movie Jail.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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smilee17 9 years ago ROCKING SAATHIYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ShellJA 9 years ago Character hasn't done much ... what is the real plan???
mizzneetu 9 years ago "Dhaval will enter the Gopi house in today's episode".

Haha, the Gopi house?
And here I was thinking that it was the Modi house?
swetsinha 9 years ago i love this show very much...all the characters are nice in tv serials....... specially gopi is so cute .... :)
-tellyaddict- 9 years ago agree with diya...we already have so many time wasting characters due to which story is not moving forward just in circles...and this new entry is useless to make show interesting in any way...
upasana.diya 9 years ago Kanhaji... please pehle Urmi - Rashi - Umang ka kuch karo...
ye Tridev kam the kya jo aapne ek aur ko bhej diya

saathiya ke 30 mins:
5 mins of rashi's Khurafaat & khabarnama to her mom + 3 mins Urmi's Kalakari + 2 mins Umang's Scheming over phone + 3 mins Gopi either crying or smiling like silly + 2 mins Kinjal kaarnaame +10 mins commercials + Koki or Ahem shouting or giving evil eye the rest of 5 mins giving us indigestion... All of this mayhem will have other characters thrown in either as card board pieces or doormats... where are you gonna put Dhawal in here...
no wonder not many are watching this show now-a-days and everyone is asking why the rating is #1
CVs stop stalling and start moving the story forward...
adoremevirgo 9 years ago the most boring show...i fail to understand how it has reached No#1 spot...
yipee 9 years ago nice...all the best to him...the show seems to be going great guns
ImagineTV 9 years ago LOVING THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
taral83 9 years ago he is Gopi's Ahem has nothing to be jealous about.....we were all hoping for something like that but turned out to be a joke
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