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NEW ENTRY in Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant!

She is the newest entry on the show and she will be playing a very important character in the show!

Published: Saturday,Nov 19, 2016 13:00 PM GMT-07:00
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Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant has introduced a lot of characters since it went on air. These new characters spice up the show time and again. The newest character that is to be seen on the show is that of Shaan's girlfriend. As per the track, Shaan has dumped Rajni in the dump yard and has a girlfriend now. In the upcoming episodes, you will see the Kant family getting ready to meet Shaan's girlfriend as he is going to introduce her to the family. That's how Piya will enter the show.

Earlier, Piya has been seen in shows like Dilli Wali Thakur Girls, Saavdhaan India and a number of Television commercials. The actress starts shooting with the team today and we are super excited to see her character develop on the show!

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Az07 6 years ago First of all there was no need to take a leap. Rajni can still adopt Ram without a leap. And like factory workers track this would have been great awareness to society like how pure deed is giving a life to an orphan kid. Now with this leap dev shogu track got sidelined I really hope makers have not forgotten about Dev. He is such an important character how can they just like that vanish him?
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Anonymous8 6 years ago I too think that they have forgotten Dev. No one in the show has taken name of DEV ...not even once after the factory sequence,let alone showing him in the show. The last time we saw him in the show was him serving tea and coffee to the factory workers. I don't think that the leap was necessary. They could have showed Rajni helping shogu and dev realizing their feelings for each other before completion of six months time which was given to them by court. They skipped showing their relationship development and took a leap instead. As I had said in my previous post, I am looking forward to leap for watching how dev-shogu relationship will unfold post leap.2016-11-20 00:44:57
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Az07 6 years ago I am ok with Rajni adopting a baby this was indicated in intial episodes only but what about dev shogu relationship? They are such a unqiue couple when they come together they just make u forget everything. They are such potential characters & actors like Neel & Neha potraying them why can't cvs utilise there acting skills & chemistry. For past one month dev is like vanished? like for virat track they just like that disappeared an important character like dev. The track was pretty boring though message was great like domestic violence. Don't want even talk about dengue mosquito track. I hope cvs won't forget about dev shogu relationship with leap. Watching this show only for dev shogu.
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MelodiousDreams 6 years ago This is fine, Rajni will find her way back to Shaan somehow, regardless! I still have only one question - what about Dev and Shogata? They had better get together! I'll never stop rooting for them because their relationship makes sense and it's so significant, given who they are as individuals, too.
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