Neil Nitin Mukesh to find out his past...

Neil Nitin Mukesh will be seen in NDTV Imagine's upcoming show Raaz...Pichhle Janam Ka...

Barely had the buzz regarding the personal details of Sach Ka Saamna contestants died down, NDTV Imagine's upcoming show 'RAAZ… PICHHLE JANAM KA will uncover the hidden secret of past lives of well known Bollywood stars and common people as well.

According to our source Jail hero, Neil Nitin Mukesh has signed the dotted line. Talks are also on with Sushmita Sen and Karisma Kapoor, but no final decision has been reached. The names of Kapil Dev, Shekhar Suman and Jackie Shroff, Laloo Prasad Yadav, Saif Ali Khan and others are also being considered. Yesteryears diva Rekha declined apparently saying that enough has been said about her present life and she would not want people to talk about her past as well.

Bhojpuri super star Ravi Kissan will be anchoring the show. This Big Idea produced show will apparently air in November or December this year.

According to our source, "As opposed to popular belief the journey into previous lives is not based on hypnosis rather there is a proper science called Past Live Regression. Well known clinical psychologist Dr. Trupti Jayin will use conscious meditative techniques to recover past lives memories of the participants. It helps addressing fears, phobias and even physical ailments in our present day lives by finding their roots in previous lives. Hindu scriptures talk about karma hence what we did in the past may have a bearing on our current lives".

The channel is quite kicked about this home grown format and feels that the dramatic recreations of the images that flash in the minds of people undergoing Past Life Regression will make for interesting reality television.

When contacted Neil denied doing the show saying, "I had been approached but could not do as it is time consuming and right now, I'm slightly tied up. Otherwise its an interesting idea".

However our source reconfirms that Neil indeed has agreed but cannot talk due to confidentiality clauses.

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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Comments (5)

the show seems interesting hope they had taken a better host

14 years ago

hey...this programme really sounds interesting and terrifying at the same time.....

14 years ago

sounds very interestingg....n i cant wait until they air the showw...

14 years ago

This sounds interesting, but I question the validity.

14 years ago

the show is interesting..i m tooo excited!

14 years ago

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