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Neil 'Egged' by Khans, Eggs them Right Back!

Filmfare this time witnessed a heated affair. Yes it was the beloved Khans on...

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Filmfare this time witnessed a heated affair. Yes it was the beloved Khans on stage, hosting, cajoling, and replete with antics.

Not all however, took it sportingly, in particular a certain Mr. Neil Nitin Mukesh.

SRK, at one point of the program mentioned the unusual nature of the young actor's name - a combination of three first names, and surname none? It enraged Neil so far, more so that his elders be brought under the spotlight of cheap humor, that he told Bollywood's Badshah himself to 'shut up'.

Yes, you read that right, and if you're shocked so was every one of the guests present at the Filmfare. Actresses Katrina and Bipasha in their efforts tried to restore peace asked Neil to apologize; but Neil himself went on to crack eggs atop the heads of Saif and SRK at the end of the show.

This actually, as was revealed in its good time, was a plain act put up by the Khans on stage and Neil from the audience. In fact, by the original plans, the egg breaking had to happen right there on stage, only Neil pleaded with his seniors to spare him the audacious prank! (Safe call there, young man!) He had later claimed it was one challenging act - the thought of having misbehaved with SRK still manages to intimidate him, even if it wasn't real.

Yes everyone, it was all a part of the preplanned tomfoolery that had everyone present from the industry and outside silenced in awkwardness. Neil, who has been seen to perform only serious meaningful roles since his debut with Johnny Gaddar in 2007, sure surpassed all those severe acts on screen with this one live stint!

For all the Neil fans - you people sure have choice for talent as real as it gets; for those who are not his fans - its time you join the bandwagon!

Author: Naseem J.

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