Neil Bhatt and Neha Sargam open up about their relationship!

The lovely couple admits about their relationship to Tellybuzz! Read on to find out their love story...

As there were buzz going around about the Ramayan stars Neha Sargam and Neil Bhatt dating each other, the actors recently opened up about their relationship at Neil's birthday bash. The actors who are madly in love with each other from over 4 years share about how their relationship blossomed.

Starting with the reason behind not revealing the relationship till now, Neil (currently seen on Diya Aur Baati Hum and Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi) quips "It was by the end of 2011 we realized about our mutual feelings, that time it was too early to comment and we did not wanted to take any impulsive decision. The most important thing then was to know each other and our families. We were planning to announce it from a long time but was waiting for an occasion. Now we have found that space in our lives and relationship that we can admit about it.

"Neha is a very strong human being, a very supporting and encouraging girl who made me fall for her," adds the lover boy.

Awww... So Romantic! Now its turn for the lady love to talk about her charming prince.

Neha (currently seen on Doli Armaanon Ki) expresses, "He is the only good friend of mine as I had no other friends except him which I feel is the best part. We did not really realized about it during the show but after it ended we became very good friends and gradually started realizing about our feelings for each other."

Talking about his qualities, Neha says "He is bit impulsive and impatient but his honesty and the fact that I can see a very good friend in him lessens all his weak points."

Really sweet...! We wish the duo a very happy love life ahead!

Aakruti Damani

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Comments (19)

I am also very happy for Neil Bhatt and Neha Sargam

8 years ago

Cool!! Nice article.. hope they have a happy life ahead w/o any problems!! (:

8 years ago

Really happy for both of you Neha Sargam and Neil Bhatt

8 years ago

I love both Neha & Neil individually as actors & individuals so it makes me really happy to see them hook up. God bless them & I hope they have a beautiful, happy life ahead together.

8 years ago

Congratulations neha and neil you look so good togethe, and i am so happy for you both

8 years ago

Neil Bhatt and Neha Sargam are brilliant actors. Neha is doing an amazing performance in Doli Armaanon Ki.

8 years ago

Be happy Neha Sargam and Neil Bhatt. Neha Sargam, Diya Tiwari on Doli Armaanon Ki is a brilliant character. Love you.

8 years ago

Neil Bhatt & Neha Sargam,many congratulations & U r looking cute together

8 years ago

Thanks for the article. Absolutely love Neil Bhatt and Neha Sargam

8 years ago

Wishing both Neha Sargam and Neil Bhatt a vey happy life together.

8 years ago

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