Neha Janpandit on her Ujjain experience..

Neha Janpandit who was earlier seen in Woh Rehne Wali talks to us about her first shooting schedule at Ujjain for her upcoming show, Shraddha on Star Plus..

Neha Janpandit who plays the protagonist in Star Plus' upcoming show Shraddha, produced by Siddhanth Cinevision is back from Ujjain after her first shoot schedule.

Shraddha is the story about a small town girl who lives in Ujjain. It is based on the faith and religious sentiments; and is a content driven, emotionally captivating, religiously and culturally rich show.

The actress had a religious cum work atmosphere at Ujjain and managed to visit most of the temples out there. Says Neha, "We started our shooting for Shraddha on May 9th, on the auspicious occasion of Buddh Poornima. Coincidentally, our first day's shoot was in the famous Mahakal Temple and it was a very good start to the show which is based on religious sentiments".

"In our free time, we happened to visit other temples like the Kal Bhairav and Shani Mandir. People of Ujjain are so very nice, friendly and simple. We had a hectic schedule, but the peaceful atmosphere kept us going", states the actress.

Neha had a strange experience when she visited the Kal Bhairav temple. "To my surprise, at the Kal Bhairav temple, liquor is offered to the God by devotees and we too get the same Prasad. They sell liquor bottles just outside the temple, and the purohit keeps the bottle near the mouth of the shrine and by capillary force, the Prasad is sucked in. They offer half bottle to the Lord and the other half is used to distribute amongst devotees", verbalizes Neha on her experience.

Elaborating further, "There is a belief in Kal Bhairav temple that you stick a coin on a particular wall, and wish for something. If the coin remains stuck to the wall, your wishes will be fulfilled. I followed the custom and luckily, the coin remained on the wall".

"Our only regret was that we could not be part of the very famous Basma Aarti which usually takes place from 3.30 in the morning to 6.30 am. We had our call time from 7 in the morning, and were not able to attend it", she concludes.

We hope Neha and the entire unit are showered with all the success in their upcoming show.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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